Kafka Coffee
By YP Contributor

Freshly Brewed, High-quality Coffee on Main Street

“We brew every cup fresh to order,” says Aaron Kafka, owner of Kafkas Coffee and Tea. “Our coffees rotate seasonally and require very high specifications for sourcing, roasting and brewing.”

This popular Main Street café boasts a selection of fine, high-quality coffees from around the globe, serving Mount Pleasant’s savvy coffee drinkers the best roasts and blends the world has to offer.

“We like to educate people about coffee,” Aaron explains. “All the baristas and all the staff can pinpoint on a map exactly where the coffee’s coming from, how it was processed and how it got to the cup they’re drinking out of.” With this kind of knowledge, customers at Kafka’s Coffee and Tea receive all the information they need to make the right selection every time and can be confident about the quality of each cup they order.

The staff is really friendly and customer focused. If we can tell each customer one little tidbit about the coffee they’re drinking, that will go a long way to helping them enjoy it. - Aaron Kafka, owner

A Comfortable Place to Enjoy a Delicious Drink

“It’s nice to be a place where people can come to feel comfortable and get something really tasty either to start their day or perk them up in the middle of the day,” says Aaron.

With its welcoming atmosphere and a menu of delicious drinks, Kafkas Coffee and Tea is a favourite hangout among Mount Pleasant residents and visitors alike.

“The staff is really friendly and customer focused,” Aaron says. “If we can tell each customer one little tidbit about the coffee they’re drinking, that will go a long way to helping them enjoy it.” Recognizing the importance of friendly, helpful service, Aaron ensures that all of his staff members are well informed and always pleasant, treating every customer like a regular or an old friend.

Kafka’s Coffee and Tea

A Community Coffee Shop and Art Gallery

“We’re a very community-focused coffee shop,” Aaron says. “We also function as an art gallery, and our curator, Michael Schwartz, has really built our reputation to be a great space for art as well.”

Displaying artwork that rotates monthly and features local talent, Kafkas Coffee and Tea gives artists from the surrounding community an opportunity to have their work seen and to grow their audience. Supporting the community is a no-brainer for Aaron, who has fallen in love with Mount Pleasant and its residents.

“The Mount Pleasant area is such a great community that it’s wonderful to not just be a business in the community, but actually be a community member,” says Aaron. “The neighbourhood is full of people who care about each other, are interested in each other and who want to have high-quality goods.”

Kafka’s Coffee and Tea provides its neighbours – and coffee aficionados from across the city – with delicious, well-sourced and expertly made coffee. Add to this walls covered in local art and it’s no surprise that this café is such a popular spot to enjoy a drink.

Kafka’s Coffee and Tea
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