Mamie Taylor's
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Inspired by a Classic Cocktail

When renowned Broadway star and all-round good-time girl Mamie Taylor asked a bartender in Rochester, New York, to concoct an original cocktail for her in the late 1800s, little did she know that it would lead to a restaurant bearing her name in Vancouver, British Columbia over a century later. "We wanted a name with two words,” explains Simon Kaulback, one of Mamie Taylor's two owners. "I found the name in a classic cocktail book and it just sort of stuck."

Simon and his long-time friend, Ron Oliver, opened the doors to Mamie Taylor’s in August 2013. Describing the menu as "comfort food, elevated," Simon says it can best be classified as modern American. "That leaves us lots of room to experiment and allows us to go basically where the mood takes us."

I had in mind a sort of punk-rock place, while Ron was leaning towards an old-time gentleman's club. We decided to meet somewhere in the middle, and Mamie Taylor's was born. - Simon Kaulback, co-owner
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Punk-Rock Meets Old-Time Gentleman’s Club

Ron and Simon met while working at another Vancouver restaurant, where they discussed opening a place of their own some day. "It's what people do in this industry—you either leave after a few years to get a nine-to-five job or you take your passion and branch out on your own,” says Simon.

Both Ron and Simon had worked for many years in the restaurant and bar industry, and had taken their talents to places such as Europe, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and various parts of the United States and Canada. In 2011, the pair came up with the idea of opening a restaurant with a casual pub-type atmosphere featuring good food. "I had in mind a sort of punk-rock place, while Ron was leaning towards an old-time gentleman's club," Simon recalls. "We decided to meet somewhere in the middle and Mamie Taylor's was born."

The response from the foodie crowd in Vancouver has been overwhelmingly positive. "We're located in Chinatown, which isn't an easy area to operate this kind of restaurant, but people tend to see us as a destination-type place. Particularly because of the taxidermy animals," notes Simon.

Taxidermy animals? "We have a taxidermy thing going on," laughs Simon. "When we first started we found some vintage pre-1980 pieces at garage sales and through a taxidermist in Surrey. Then guests started dropping them off at the bar. In our first three months we received ducks, a moose head and even a stuffed bear head!"

A Fun Place to Dine

Along with chef Tobias Gringon, Ron and Simon offer a fun, relaxed environment, and of course a tasty menu at Mamie Taylor’s. "We have the best fried chicken and burgers in the city," claims Simon. "The atmosphere is light, loud and energetic. We're definitely a fun place to visit!"

No evening reservations are required or taken for Mamie Taylor’s and brunch is available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends. And don't forget to check out Mamie's cocktail; it's where it all started.

Dinner, weekend brunch, cocktails, wine, beer
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