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Bartending Certification Can Go a Long Way

"Bartending is one of the most flexible, well-paid jobs you can get," says Ryan Boyd, owner of Metropolitan Bartending School. Ryan should know: he's been bartending all over the world since he took a course in the trade in 1995. Travel is just one of the opportunities open to a talented bartender. "There's a demand for qualified, experienced people. You can more or less pick your city or country, and there's a bartending job to fit your schedule."

Ryan's been involved with Metropolitan Bartending School since 2011, although the school opened in 1995. In addition to the basic certification program for bartending, Metropolitan also offers a seminar for bartenders wanting to keep up with the latest mixology trends in cocktails using fresh, seasonal ingredients. There's a wine tasting seminar and, Ryan's favourite, a workshop in Flair Bartending.

Flair Bartending is the art of dazzling your customers by spinning bottles, juggling cocktail shakers, and tossing garnishes. "A bartender skilled in flair," says Ryan, "commands a higher salary and higher tips. Plus it's a fun way to make a living!"

There's a demand for qualified, experienced people. You can more or less pick your city or country and there's a bartending job to fit your schedule. - Ryan Boyd, owner

Seeing the World with Flair

After completing his first bartending course, Ryan started his career in a golf club, quickly moved on to restaurants in Downtown Vancouver, and then became interested in Flair Bartending. He started competing and was soon entering competitions all over the world.

While he enjoyed the travel and work, in 2011 Ryan decided to return to Vancouver and share his knowledge with prospective bartenders and those looking to upgrade their skills. "The cocktail world is constantly changing," he says. "Bartenders need to be able to respond to new trends quickly. Our school is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the industry."

As an example, Ryan explains that, just 10 years ago, most cocktails were prepared with juices made from concentrates. Then, when the Mojito came along, customers started expecting fresh lime juice over bottled, and this began a major shift in attitude. "Today, the push is for fresh ingredients for the cocktail whenever possible. Freshly squeezed lime, berries, seasonal fruit, even beets! Whatever is fresh and plentiful."

Metropolitan Bartending School

Flexible Scheduling in the Bartending Trade

What makes a good bartender? "Number one – you have to like people." Ryan is adamant on this point. "You have to have a friendly demeanour at all times, and that's not easy to maintain." But the job lends itself to either a full-time career or a "fill-in" position. "If you're a single mom and can only work during the day, there's a bar for you. Students just wanting to work Friday or Saturday nights are also in demand. And it's an awesome way to travel the world!"

With the Vancouver school now well established, the Metropolitan Bartending School has expanded to Calgary. The second location opened its doors in September 2014, and Ryan is confident in its ability to successfully mould the future bartenders of Alberta.

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