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Furnishing Vancouver’s Smaller Living Spaces

“We’re focused on catering to people living in small places like condos, lofts and townhouses,” says Craig Parkes, who co-owns Parliament Interiors along with Colette Soros and Tina Lee. “And the nature of a lot of small space solutions is that they’re more contemporary designs and cleaner lines that suit a lot of the new buildings in Vancouver.”

To help customers furnish the smaller living spaces that are becoming the norm in Greater Vancouver, Parliament Interiors offers stylish, flexible furniture that doubles as storage space, is easy to reconfigure or serves multiple functions within the home.

“For lots of people of our generation, even being able to purchase a home or a condo is a big feat, and often that eats up a lot of people’s disposable income,” Craig says. “Yet they’ve bought their first home and they want something that’s nice and will last and that’s different.”

Providing an alternative to big-box furniture stores, Parliament Interiors boasts a distinct, modern aesthetic to help turn living spaces into comfortable, attractive homes, at a price point that customers both young and old will appreciate.

There’s a real appreciation within our city for independent business, for local products, so wherever possible we like to showcase things that are made in Vancouver or inspired by the city. - Craig Parkes, co-owner
Parliament Interiors

Keeping Furniture Fashionable

“We’re always keeping everything really current, staying on trend,” Craig explains. “Twice a year we do a major overhaul of the store in terms of the colour stories that we’re showing, staying on top of trends in terms of what’s out there, what we’re seeing in magazines.”

Making sure that Parliament Interiors’ stock reflects what’s fashionable in Vancouver and around the world is extremely important to Craig, and customers appreciate his and his co-owners’ commitment to keeping their furniture up to date and in style.

“It’s always different when you come in,” says Craig. “We get weekly shipments of new stuff, so it’s always changing.” Beyond an up-to-date selection of furniture, Parliament Interiors also stocks a wide and constantly evolving selection of housewares, books, plants and accessories to put the perfect finishing touches on a modern, West Coast home.

Parliament Interiors

Vancouver-flavoured Design

“There’s a real appreciation within our city for independent business, for local products,” Craig says, “so wherever possible we like to showcase things that are made in Vancouver or inspired by the city.” Constantly searching out locally designed furniture, housewares and accessories gives Parliament Interiors a distinct aesthetic, setting the store apart from larger international or national chain stores.

“We’re all born and raised in Vancouver and we love our city, so we really try to showcase that with what we do here,” Craig explains. “The aesthetic is quintessentially West Coast, and we just really get where people are living within this city and what people are looking for to complete the look for their dwelling.”

Having grown up in Vancouver gives Craig, Colette and Tina a distinct advantage as it provides an insider’s perspective on what furniture best suits Vancouver’s distinct personality – from fresh, coastal colours and accents to clean, understated design.

“We really know what’s out there,” Craig says. “We know better than anyone else how to find the perfect piece of furniture for a home in Vancouver.”

Parliament Interiors
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