Umbrella Shop
By Kelly Thompson

Nostalgic Family Tradition

There’s something romantic and nostalgic about a visit to the Umbrella Shop where umbrellas in bright colours, fabrics and designs line the room, hang from the ceiling and decorate the shop window. The expert staff assist in finding an umbrella that suits any need or design request, with impressive flicks of the wrist that transform metal and fabric into water repellent pieces of art.

The Flader family has been in the umbrella business since 1935, starting with Corry Flader’s grandfather. Since that time, the Umbrella Shop has been passed down through the generations with Corry being the current cohort. “It runs through our veins,” says Corry. “If it’s a rainy day, Fladers are in a good mood.” Today they have three stores with the main one on Broadway, which also houses their factory. The Umbrella Shop is synonymous with quality design, construction and staff that are dedicated to protecting Vancouverites from persistent drizzle.

If it’s a rainy day, Fladers are in a good mood. - Corry Flader, owner
The Umbrella Shop - Umbrella sales, umbrella repairs, patio umbrellas

Quality Above Quantity

The factory is a sight to be seen with 1940s Singer sewing machines still at work in the nimble and capable hands of the sewers. The staff are passionate about what they do and most have been around for several years. “We’re a family here,” Corry insists.

The Umbrella Shop is also deeply committed to quality, repairing any umbrella purchased at the shop for a nominal fee, as long as the material is still in good condition. There are collections made and developed right in the Broadway factory while others are made in China, but no matter where they are produced, all product goes through a rigorous inspection when Corry and her staff visit the factories for routine quality checks. “We need to be responsible for our sourcing,” says Corry. “Is there care being put into the product? Is the factory safe and comfortable for the workers?”

The Umbrella Shop - Umbrella sales, umbrella repairs, patio umbrellas

Innovation, Design and Choice

Today, the Umbrella Shop thrives on dedication to quality and customers. They have a range of umbrellas at various price points and listen to shoppers to learn where new innovations are required. “We’ve always built our umbrellas from the floor up, by listening to our customers,” says Corry. There are options for children, adults, those with disabilities and even families who want to fit under one umbrella! Corry and her son recently designed a line allowing for interchangeable handles, carrying on the Flader family tradition of umbrella design. They also launched an online shop, cultivating their wide collection for the entire world to see.

Whether an umbrella is a necessity or a fashion choice, the Umbrella Shop is ready to kit out even the pickiest of customers. From manual to automatic, stick to folding, you can find it all in this friendly shop dedicated to keeping you dry in style.

The Umbrella Shop - Umbrella sales, umbrella repairs, patio umbrellas
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