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By Athena Raypold

The Baby Dictates Everything

Soft-spoken and serene, calm and comforting, Karena Dyck’s demeanour immediately abates new parents’ concerns about passing over their fragile, precious, brand new baby for a posed newborn photography session with Everlast Photography.

Not only is Karena a protective mother herself, but she also makes each baby’s safety her number one priority during a studio session. “In the portrait world,” she says, “posed newborns are difficult; you have to be totally trained on safety before you even attempt anything. You [also] have to be really patient because the baby dictates your schedule and dictates how the shoot’s going to go. You have to always be thinking about [the baby’s] safety and comfort.”

I’ve always loved posed newborn photos. They just look so perfect … curled up tight like they were in the womb. - Karena Dyck, owner and photographer
Everlast Photography specializes in newborn photography
Photo by Everlast Photography

Newborns and Maternity

Karena is passionate about creating beautiful images. “I’ve always been into drawing and painting and sculpting but photography captures real people that you love, that are yours,” she says. Thus, newborns are Karena’s ultimate artistic subject. “Babies are innocent, perfect, and fragile,” she says.

Long before she even thought about becoming a photographer, Karena has been passionate about newborn photography, following her favourite newborn photographers on social media. “I’ve always loved posed newborn photos,” she says. “They just look so perfect … curled up tight like they were in the womb.” Plus, snuggling newborns is a perk of the job, and new parents often see Karena as a baby whisperer; she expertly soothes and settles babies while posing and photographing them.

In addition to posed newborn photography, Everlast Photography’s packages include images with parents and siblings, and she also offers maternity sessions. “Every woman is beautiful,” Karena says. “Even though you might be sore or swollen or uncomfortable, you’re going through this for another person, because you love your [partner] so much, your love is making a person.”

Everlast Photography provides handmade and carefully selected props for their newborn photography shoots
Photo by Everlast Photography

A Tireless Learner

Most photographers start out as general practitioners, but when Karena decided to become a photographer, she knew immediately that her niche was posed newborn photography. When her husband bought her a gorgeous piece of jewellery for their anniversary, he quickly realized it was the wrong gift and returned it. He got her a DSLR camera instead, which she “gushed over.”

Tenacious, patient and determined, Karena learned how to use her camera by reading the manual front to back time and again until it was habit. She's voraciously self-educated, taking seminars, classes, online courses – whatever she needed to reach her goal of opening Everlast Photography, including offering newborn sessions at no charge until she felt her quality of work was at an exceptional level.

Everlast Photography is trained in the safe handling of newborns for newborn photography shoots
Photo by Everlast Photography

Accessories are Everything

While she mastered her camera, Karena also began amassing a wide variety of quality, handmade props: fabrics, baskets, antique furniture, bonnets, headbands, tiny crocheted hats and lace rompers. Some items she made by hand, knitting or crocheting, while others she hand selects from quality handmade shops around the world. Photographing newborns is forever on Karena’s mind; when she goes shopping and sees a pretty bowl or basket, she says she thinks, “Oh, that looks like something a baby would go in. A baby would look just right in that bowl.”

As a result, Everlast Photography’s studio has a huge walk in closet, stocked full of muted, understated, and complementary fabrics, outfits and props for parents to choose from for a session. In fact, Karena painstakingly plans each shoot alongside her clients; together they select the poses, the colours, the fabrics, and the props that best suit their family. All of her efforts to find the perfect props and accessories are worthwhile, as she beautifully and perfectly layers colours and textures in her newborn photography, always making the “baby the star of the show.”

Everlast Photography focuses on newborn and maternity photography sessions for families and provides clients with high quality images
Photo by Everlast Photography

Providing Clients with a High Quality Product

Ultimately, a high quality product is crucial to Karena. From the images to the props and accessories, from the editing and composite building to the final photos and print products, Everlast Photography aims to create quality, lasting memories. “I’m a mom,” says Karena. “I know what it’s like for your kids to grow up so fast, wishing they could just be little again, but at least I have photographs, memories, that I can revisit time and time again.”

Everlast Photography also does maternity shoots with families
Photo by Everlast Photography
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