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By Athena Raypold

Two Hearts That Beat to the Same Tempo

The Hobbs sisters, Jenna and Aimee, are technically sisters-in-law, but the two owners of Hobbs Photography are so in sync, so attuned to each other, that they might as well be blood: They tease each other, they critique each other and they finish each other’s sentences. Their lives as sisters, mothers and photographers aren’t just intertwined, but two parallel threads that continually reunite in the tapestry of their lives: They became mothers together, they became photographers together and they live in the country together. “We’re more the barefoot, stand in the field type,” says Aimee. “Our hearts are in the country; we live a country life.”

While Jenna is an entrepreneurial spirit, creating projects and learning new skills quicker than she can snap a photo, Aimee has self-proclaimed “impulse control problems” which she uses to constantly build momentum, pushing Hobbs Photography to do more, to grow, to be better. Between Jenna’s quiet consideration and Aimee’s buoyant candour, Hobbs Photography offers clients two very different hearts that beat to the same tempo. Both Jenna and Aimee, as different as they are, share the same values about life and photography: honesty, family, vulnerability and memory. Together, they embody these values in every wedding, maternity, birth, or family session that they photograph.

Our focus is on connection and beautiful moments, honest moments, when people are willing to be vulnerable with us. We want to save that for people. - Aimee Hobbs, co-owner and photographer
Jenna and Aimee Hobbs, co-owners of Hobbs Photography. Photo by Hobbs Photography
Hobbs Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, wedding and family photo sessions
Photo by Hobbs Photography

A Mother’s Beauty

A testament to their values, Hobbs Photography volunteers their time shooting a special session every summer called “A Mother’s Beauty.” Jenna and Aimee’s passion project, they do this session not for profit or publicity, but to give back to mothers, to “give motherhood a voice.” In an effort to beat back the burden of societal expectations post-partum, Jenna and Aimee invite mothers of all ages to strip down to their undies and reclaim their bodies.

“Instead of hiding stretch marks and curves, it’s about celebrating them,” says Jenna. While the photos are the event’s end product, for participants, it’s a transformative, soul-changing experience. “Every woman knows they’re representing someone like them,” says Aimee. “It’s helping someone else who has that same insecurity because they aren’t suddenly a size four [post baby], they have cellulite or their hair lives in a mom bun, because that’s real life.”

Hobbs Photography offers natural light photography for newborns, weddings, maternity, families and births
Photo by Hobbs Photography
Hobbs Photography captures special moments by having clients fill out questionnaires and assignments so they know how to best document the memories
Photo by Hobbs Photography


Not only does Hobbs Photography document memories, but they also make memories. Each session begins with what they call homework: A questionnaire full of intimate questions and an assignment for the session. For example, as one couple approached their daughter’s high school graduation, Jenna asked both the mother and daughter to write letters to each other, saving them for the family photo session. They then read the letters to each other, creating an experience, a feeling and emotion that Jenna captured through photos.

Often, the homework doesn’t just give Aimee and Jenna insight into who their clients are, but it also results in families “say[ing] the things that don’t get said” – relating in a new and significant way. “Our focus is on connection and beautiful moments, honest moments, when people are willing to be vulnerable with us,” says Aimee. “We want to save that for people.”

Hobbs Photography also does engagement photography sessions
Photo by Hobbs Photography

Saving Life's Memories

To that end, Jenna and Aimee see the value in photographing hardships as much as happiness, in photographing imperfections and documenting reality. As much as it might pain a parent to have that awful, ratty blankie or teddy bear immortalized in film, they’ll look back on it fondly, remembering who their child was at that time. “I love the fleeting stages of childhood,” says Aimee. “I’m terrified that I will forget something that’s so inherent to who [my children] are. I think that every parent feels that way.” In an effort to hold onto those ephemeral moments, Jenna has added film to Hobbs Photography’s services. “Some things a photo doesn’t quite capture; I love that about video,” says Jenna. “[It captures] how they move, the sounds they make, how they talk.”

Whether Jenna and Aimee are photographing kids making mud pies, four generations of first-born daughters, a fight against breast cancer, an outdoor wedding or a home birth, Hobbs Photography aims to document and save all of life’s many memories, forever favouring the truly natural moments, giving voice to our true selves. And, while it may not always be perfect, Aimee says, “Just because it’s not pretty, doesn’t mean it's not beautiful.”

Hobbs Photography captures special family moments in their photography sessions
Photo by Hobbs Photography
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