New Vintage Media
By Andrea Yu

Romantic Beginnings

Husband-and-wife John and Samantha Butler first met in summer camp, bonding over their mutual love for photography. “We would get together on the weekend to take pictures,” Samantha remembers. “We were just hanging out and trying to impress each other with who could take the best film shots.” John went on to study photography at Humber College and began working as a commercial photographer after graduation, while Samantha, a history and political science major, helped out in photo editing.

Everything changed for John and Samantha when they were contacted by a group buying website to participate in an online deal. They booked hundreds of photo shoots – head shots, family and engagement photo sessions – over the course of a few months. “Some couples that we did engagement photos for, they actually hired us to do their weddings,” explains Samantha.

After John trained Samantha for a summer, she began working as a primary wedding photographer and was referred for more and more weddings. Based on customer request, John then took on another in-demand wedding service: cinematography. The two launched New Vintage Media in 2012 with Samantha as photographer and John as cinematographer.

We really believe in marriage. We’re capturing a moment that we know is going to last a lifetime. - Samantha Butler, co-owner
John and Samantha Butler are the husband-and-wife duo behind the wedding photography and cinematography business New Vintage Media.

Classic Traditions Blend with Modern Trends

New Vintage Media’s most popular package combines both wedding photography and cinematography services. “We have a really good flow,” Samantha explains. “We have the ability to make eye contact and if I need to switch to video and [John] isn’t right beside me, I know. Or if he’s going to switch and take a photo of something, I know. We coordinate where we’re standing. We don’t have to say anything during the ceremony. It’s very fluid.”

Like their business name suggests, Samantha and John specialize in capturing photos that combine tried-and-true traditions with contemporary trends. “We like blending things that are new and modern with things that are classic and traditional,” she says. Samantha adds that Instagram has been a powerful stylistic changer in modern photography. “People are looking for shots that are more intimate – shots that really capture a moment.”

After being referred to more and more weddings, John and Samantha Butler launched New Vintage Media in 2012, shooting photos and film for weddings.
Photo courtesy of New Vintage Media
New Vintage Media's approach to photography and cinematography is to blend the new and modern with things that are classic and traditional.
Photo courtesy of New Vintage Media

Family Values

John and Samantha now have three children and family values play a strong role in their business. “We really believe in marriage,” says Samantha. “We’re capturing a moment that we know is going to last a lifetime.”

They also love going through their own wedding photos with their children. “That’s something that we believe our photography can do – to sit down with future generations and say, ‘This started you. This started our little family’,” Samantha says. “That’s something that drives us. We want to give you something to show the grandkids.”

New Vintage Media's mission is to capture a moment that lasts a lifetime, leaving couples with something they can show future generations, from their kids to grandkids.
Photo courtesy of New Vintage Media
Owners John and Samantha Butler know when to switch to photography or cinematography based on where they're standing and what moment they're trying to capture.
Photo courtesy of New Vintage Media
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