Rabbit's Loop Calligraphy
By Athena Raypold

It All Started with a Stationery Obsession

For Lauren Tang of Rabbit’s Loop Calligraphy, lettering isn’t her passion or her calling – it’s her compulsion. A perfectionist, Lauren’s purist tendencies are so formidable that she’ll tear out an entire page if she doesn’t like how she’s written the date. Since elementary school, Lauren has been obsessed with pens and stationery. “We would stock up on stationery and trade [it], me and my sister, and we would buy coloured pens,” she says. “Every time I got a new set of pens, I would write my name in every colour, test[ing] out all the colours on one page.”

Lauren’s impulse to write beautifully and neatly followed her to university, too, where she loved note taking. “I would take scribbly notes in class, and then redo every single page again,” she says. “It’s such a waste of time! But all of my notes were colour coded.” From that preoccupation stemmed a love of fonts, lettering, arts and crafts, but Lauren never thought it would lead to a profession. Instead, she pursued her commerce degree and landed a practical, analytical job as a financial advisor.

I like to ask a lot of questions, so going into it I get to know the person really well first, seeing what they are looking for in particular and making their vision come to life. - Lauren Tang, owner
Rabbit's Loop Calligraphy provides custom calligraphy work for logo design
Photo by Athena Raypold

A Wedding and a Baby

While planning her wedding, Lauren’s love of lettering was revived. Inspired by DIY weddings on Pinterest, she fervently wanted to incorporate calligraphy into her rustic style décor. Since she loved lettering, she began experimenting with faux calligraphy, “[doing] normal, cursive handwriting and then [touching] everything up,” she says. “You just imagine where the lines would be thicker and thinner, the down strokes and the upstrokes, so all the down strokes just get thickened.” Mastering faux calligraphy for her wedding sparked a serious interest in lettering, but it remained latent until after her son was born. “You’re at that point where you need something to do for yourself,” she says.

Rediscovering a calligraphy set her mother gifted her, Lauren began intensively researching calligraphy: following blogs like The Postman’s Knock, watching videos on Instagram and practicing relentlessly. “It’s really therapeutic,” she says. “You don’t have to think too much once you start practicing because a lot of it is just doing drills, practicing the same strokes over and over again.” A night owl, Lauren would practice late at night to wind down, analyzing writing samples, choosing letters she liked and emulating them. She keeps a folder of scraps and doodles of letters and words she's created for inspiration, as she evolves Rabbit’s Loop Calligraphy’s repertoire of fonts and styles.

Rabbit's Loop Calligraphy designs special, custom calligraphy for weddings and events
Photo by Athena Raypold
Rabbit's Loop Calligraphy started out of the owner's love of stationery, pens, fonts and calligraphy
Photo by Athena Raypold

Calligrapher for Hire

Lauren is drawn to rustic, old-world textures: parchment paper and ribbon, lace and roughly hewn woods. Named for old-fashioned whimsical rabbits like Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit or Lewis Carrol’s White Rabbit, Rabbit’s Loop Calligraphy embodies romance, spontaneity and sheer whimsy; particularly given that Lauren exclusively provides custom calligraphy for weddings, special events and logo design, as well as calligraphy workshops. Lauren’s offerings themselves are grounded in improvisation and customization. Rather than creating permanent fonts, Lauren works with clients to create calligraphy that suits their project, be it an event, sign or logo design. “I like to ask a lot of questions, so going into it I get to know the person really well first, seeing what they are looking for in particular and making their vision come to life,” she says.

Customizing her work to a specific purpose lends it a uniqueness, an authenticity that pre-made print products and lettering cannot express. And Lauren loves nailing down her clients’ overall vision by creating calligraphy that perfectly connects with the other aspects of an event or that represents a client’s business. “It feels like I picked their brain so much that I know exactly what they want,” she says. “That feeling of knowing that I [produced] exactly what they were looking for … when there’s no doubt that I nailed it, I love that.”

Rabbit's Loop Calligraphy provides custom calligraphy for weddings, events, logos, signs and more
Photo by Athena Raypold
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