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Outdoor Developments and Landscaping

Mike and Sarah De-Michele, the husband-and-wife team behind Urban Oasis Developments, love to be creative. It’s why they left the Okanagan to come back to Calgary, and it’s why they launched their landscaping and outdoor development company. “Outdoor Oasis started by demand,” Mike says. “We saw a need in Calgary for landscaping companies that could do it all and tie all the elements of outdoor home design together. There was a need for people who can do custom work.”

Mike himself has extensive experience in the construction business, but it was in landscaping that he discovered his passion. “This company started as a hobby and job,” Mike says. “I did some renovations and built a couple of homes, but when I started doing landscaping, I discovered I really like working outdoors and creating outdoor spaces.”

We saw a need in Calgary for landscaping companies that could do it all and tie all the elements of outdoor home design together. - Mike De-Michele, co-owner
Urban Oasis Developments creates unique and beautiful outdoor spaces.
Mike and Sarah De-Michele have created a portfolio of unique and beautiful outdoor spaces for their clients.

Outdoor Kitchens, Lighting, Patios and More

With his background in construction and Sarah’s background in administration, they set out to do landscaping a bit differently, both in terms of how they do business and the projects they take on. “We love working with people that want to do things different. We don’t do the cookie cutter patio,” Mike says. “We work to create something using the space, the grades and people’s wants and needs. It’s all custom and people seem to like it.”

With a portfolio of unique and beautiful outdoor spaces they've completed, Mike has a couple of projects of which he’s particularly proud. “We had one project with a house on a pretty severe sideways grade,” he recalls, “So, we built a 75-foot waterfall and water feature. We put some stone bridges and a wood bridge over it. We also built an 18-foot custom wood-burning stove out of stone that I’m particularly proud of, too. It’s all customized and built for individual clients.”

Urban Oasis Developments carries out construction and renovation projects.
Urban Oasis Developments takes on landscaping and renovation projects.

Experienced Construction and Renovation Team

Urban Oasis Developments can help you maximize your outdoor living space. Whether it’s a custom kitchen space or a beautiful water feature, Mike and Sarah love working with their clients to create something truly unique. They’re also available in the winter for indoor renovations. “It’s very satisfying to see what we’ve built and know that it’s because people love the work we do,” Sarah says. “When you see the referrals pour in, it’s a great feeling. It’s about that connection between us and our clients. You make friends along the way, and that’s very special.”

Urban Oasis Developments takes on indoor renovations in winter.
In winter, Urban Oasis is available to take on indoor renovations.
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