Canadian Bedding
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Quality Furniture and Mattresses for the Home

The slogan over the front window of Canadian Bedding reads, “Helping You Sleep Better For Over 20 Years,” and it’s a philosophy owner Neil Sethi takes to heart. “We try to match customers’ needs: what they’re looking for, give them the best there is,” he explains. “I know which products have done well and had the least amount of complaints.” Neil always uses the highest quality pieces in his store, like hardwood frames for his beds with full extensions, ensuring that everything he stocks is built to last.

He carries just about everything one needs to furnish a home, never skimping on anything. Neil loves his repeat customers, but wants to make sure that when they come back to Canadian Bedding, it’s because they’re looking for a new addition to their homes — and they do.

We try to ensure that quality and comfort levels are specific to customers’ needs, and we try to provide fast and reliable service. - Neil Sethi, owner

Finding the Right Mattress for Everyone

Neil’s owned Canadian Bedding long enough to know that no two customers are alike, so he helps them find pieces that will suit them and their needs perfectly. Mattresses are one of the most important items a person can buy for themselves —they will be spending most of their life on one – and Neil is ready to get his buyers through the process of picking out the perfect one. “You really have to talk to them specifically and ask them what they really want from their mattress,” he explains. “Do they want no body impression later on?...It might last them forever, but do they feel comfortable in it?...Every customer is an individual and has their own needs.”

Canadian Bedding

Your Source for Sofas, Mattresses & More

A gentle, laidback approach is what Neil values most; he’s not interested in pressuring customers to make a snap decision. Instead, he’ll chat with them and find out what they need and want, and take as much time as necessary to arrive at a solution that works for them. “The first question I ask is, ‘Do you live in a house or an apartment?’” says Neil. From there, he begins to narrow down the process in terms of the size of a piece of furniture or mattress, ensuring customers won’t end up with something that won't work in their environment.

After that, Neil will begin discussing price points because he knows everyone has their own budget. He has something available for everyone, regardless of whether they are looking to outfit their home entirely anew or just add on to what’s already there. “We try to listen that way,” he stresses.

It’s important to Neil that Canadian Bedding maintains its reputation as a trusted source for solid furniture that’s both attractive and affordable because, as a family-run business, his customers are an extension of his family. “We try to ensure that quality and comfort levels are specific to customers’ needs,” he explains, “and we try to provide fast and reliable service, and we’re the specialists in mattresses, sofas, futons and bedding.”

Canadian Bedding
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