The O'Connor Station
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An Intercontinental Menu for Every Craving

Picking a restaurant for a family dinner can be tough: Mom likes Thai food, Dad wants Chinese food, and the kids just want pizza. For the same reason, picking a restaurant with a group of friends can be a hassle. During times like these, The O’Connor Station is the perfect choice. Offering a fusion of intercontinental dishes, The O’Connor Station serves up amazing meals to satisfy any craving.

“We provide a blend of different styles and choices so everyone in a group can have something they will love,” says Raj Baskaran, the owner of the restaurant.

Working in kitchens since he was 14 years old, Raj has developed an understanding of exactly what customers want. “I started out working in my uncle’s kitchen. That sparked my love of working in restaurants, and I’ve worked in the industry since.”

We provide a blend of different styles and choices so everyone in a group can have something they will love. - Raj Baskaran, owner
The O'Connor Station

A Restaurant the Whole Family Can Agree On

With a wife and two daughters, Raj appreciates the value of a restaurant with a kid-friendly atmosphere that can cater to the whole family. “We want to be accessible to every family, regardless of taste and income,” he says. “The O’Connor Station is very diverse and offers something for everyone.”

After discovering his passion for food and cooking, Raj devoted himself to developing a unique and diverse menu. “I travelled the world and tasted many different foods,” he says. “I learned lots of interesting techniques and wanted to start a restaurant that could incorporate all of the personality of international cuisine.”

Perfect for a social meal with friends or family, a meal at The O’Connor Station feels exactly like you’re sitting in your own dining room at home. “We’ve got round tables so everyone can see each other and talk, and there’s lots of space in between tables so that our customers are comfortable,” says Raj. “It’s an open, friendly atmosphere.”

The O'Connor Station

A Passion For Cooking High-Quality Food

Focusing on serving high-quality food with a variety of tastes and techniques, nothing is pre-cooked or frozen at The O’Connor Station,. “All of our food is cooked to-order using fresh ingredients, most that are purchased locally,” explains Raj.

“Our Pad Thai is definitely one of our most popular dishes. People also love our Chicken Tikka Masala Curry,” he says. “From pastas to steaks, we have lots of amazing dishes to suit every craving.”

The O’Connor Station also caters private parties in-restaurant. For such occasions, Raj even offers customized menus for a group. “We’re very dedicated to our customers. We’ll do whatever we can to make sure you have a great night and love your food.”

Especially in a multicultural city like Toronto, offering a variety of food items and a diverse menu is something his customers love. “We’ve become the perfect restaurant for groups of friends or families looking for an excellent night out, but don’t want to compromise on the food,” says Raj. “We have a passion for cooking, and people can see that.”

The O'Connor Station
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