Rosie's Eatery
By Libby Roach

Gluten-free, full flavour

A feast for the senses, with sweet smells wafting out of the kitchen, Rosie’s Eatery is a destination for gluten-free and vegan friendly diets. Pops of vibrant colours courtesy of the art (created by her own mother Liz Diker), and flowers from neighbour Bloominghill Flowers make this WIFI café equal parts art gallery and eatery.

Rosie's Eatery blossomed out of owner Rosie Diker's own dietary restrictions and the constrictions of traditional kitchens. After becoming discouraged by the atmosphere and lack of sunlight in industrial kitchens, she was ready to open her own place.

"I was ready to do my own thing. It’s always been a dream of mine to open my own place; I was ready to do what I wanted to do. I love this neighbourhood. It just so happens that my Mom works next door at the flower shop. When the owner of this shop wasn’t renewing her lease, I jumped on it. I always wanted to be on Avenue Road," she says.

I was ready to do my own thing. It’s always been a dream of mine to open my own place; I was ready to do what I wanted to do. - Rosie Diker - Owner

Health focused

It was while studying baking and pastry arts at George Brown College that Rosie became gluten intolerant.  Her love for baking unbridled, Rosie focused on swapping out cane sugar and artificial sweeteners for the real deal, using coconut sugar, maple syrup and dates to add sweetness to her  healthy whole food approach.Rosie discovered over time that health conscious people want something sweet, but they don't want the guilt, so her concept is to keep Rosie's Eatery as natural as possible.

The menu offers coconut or cashew yogurts topped with fruits, nuts and seeds, or gluten-free oats made with cashew milk, topped with berries and maple syrup for quick breakfasts. Lunches feature homemade soups and salads or toast, topped with avocado or peanut butter and banana. Considering Rosie's baking background, it's no surprise that most people opt to finish their meals on a sweet note. Vegan peanut butter cups are better than the real thing, and cookies, cakes and muffins prove all too tempting.

Friendly and funky

The eclectic space is dotted with art and flanked by a huge graffiti-style wall created by her artist mother. It's hard not to connect with the cheerful sayings, echoed by the carefully curated art that flanks the walls. Rosie's menu channels those emotions, it's a feel good space that allows for catching up with friends over almond milk lattes or a fresh batch of kombucha. Just don't forget to grab a cookie for the way home!

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