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Part of the Entertainment Picture

In an industry that has been shrinking for more than a decade, Video Flicks has managed to maintain a customer base of 25,000. While many of their fellow retailers have closed shop, owners Steve Cohen and Joe Carlino show no signs of slowing down.

“We aim to be part of the entertainment picture for our customers,” says Joe. “With a customer base as large as we have, even if everyone comes in occasionally to rent a movie, it keeps us going.” And of course, with a film and television library as large as what's available at Video Flicks, there’s always something that can’t be found elsewhere. Being on a heavily travelled thoroughfare up to the 401 doesn’t hurt either, and Joe and Steve have capitalized on that by offering “cottage rental” packages, which are popular in the summer months.

We aim to be part of the entertainment picture for our customers. - Joe Carlino, co-owner
video rentals, television and film library

Helpful, Friendly Staff

The staff at Video Flicks is always ready and willing to help customers find what they are looking for, whether it’s an old season of Borgen or the latest Transformers movie. Steve and Joe try very hard to hire staff that are knowledgeable, and they need to understand that no judgements should be made of their customers. “You can’t judge a book by its cover, so never underestimate someone’s taste in film because of what they look like,” says Joe. “You might be thinking a person is going to ask you if you carry some action flick, and they end up asking you about documentaries. You just never know!” What results is an atmosphere where customers are comfortable asking questions and wandering around the store to find what they feel like renting.

video rentals, television and film library

For the Love of Film

When you walk into Video Flicks, you can immediately tell that the people who run it truly love movies: the rows and rows of DVD titles, from the populist to the obscure; the smell of popcorn wafting up from the machine on the lower level; the information desk where there’s always someone willing to help you find something you’re sure is impossible to find. These guys love movies, and they know that if you’re here, you love movies, too.

Every Tuesday, Joe and Steve get the newest releases into the store, and they eagerly watch each and every one. Why? Because they just love films of all sorts. And you can see it in Joe’s eyes as he talks about it. “I’m constantly surprised that filmmakers can come up with a new story, or make an old plot fresh, after more than 65,000 films have been made,” he says, with not a little reverence. And it’s this passion that drives their business to stay successful, despite the odds. Well, that and, according to Joe and Steve, the free popcorn that’s always available downstairs.

video rentals, television and film library
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