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Serving Up Great Food in Pickering Since 1965

One of Pickering’s most historic restaurants, Massey’s, has been open since 1965. A family business since it opened, Massey’s has grown from a small take-out burger joint to a full restaurant.

“My father started the restaurant,” says current owner Don Argiro. “I’ve worked here on-and-off since I was a kid, and now my kids work here too. It’s a true family business.”

Offering traditional Canadian food, Massey’s is famous for its burgers and sandwiches. “From steaks and sandwiches to the perfect burger, we have something hearty and delicious for whatever you’re craving.”

We’re a family serving families. It’s a real local gathering place. Sometimes, we’ll have four generations of customers sitting together at a table, and that’s pretty incredible. - Don Argiro, owner

Fresh Canadian Food Cooked In-House

Because Massey's is dedicated to offering their customers fresh food of the highest quality, every item on the menu is cooked in-house. “Everything we serve is made fresh and to order,” explains Don.

Despite its secondary location, Massey’s has been attracting regular customers for decades. “We don’t get a lot of walk-by traffic,” says Don. “Most of our customers come here because it was recommended to them by a friend. Our restaurant is much more of a destination than a walk-in diner.”

Don prides his restaurant on offering exceptional customer service. “We have some of the best servers in town,” he says. “Not only are they friendly and comforting, but they are very knowledgeable when it comes to our food. Our goal is always to make sure the customer has a good experience, and our staff makes sure that always happens."


The Argiro Family Serving Families

As a family business, several members play an active role in the day-to-day operation of the restaurant. “My wife, Donna, runs the restaurant with me. As well, she and my daughter, Tianna, run a bakery out of the restaurant,” says Don. “Also, my sons Chris and Vangel are the bartender and chef [respectively]. It’s so great to be able to work with my family and see them every day.”

For Don, running the restaurant with his family has made it his second home. “We’re a very friendly and comfortable restaurant. Our customers are treated like guests in our home,” he says. “One of the worst things an independent restaurant can do is try to copy large corporate chains, and that’s what we avoid on a daily basis.”

Most importantly, Don is dedicated to making sure Massey’s keeps its family atmosphere. “We’re a family serving families,” he explains. “It’s a real local gathering place. Sometimes, we’ll have four generations of customers sitting together at a table, and that’s pretty incredible.”

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