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Shifting a Focus From Training to Nutrition

He started as a personal trainer, but Michael Favaretto, owner of Bulldog Nutrition, yearned for more in-depth interaction with his clients. While he was happy coaching people on how to exercise to attain the bodies they wanted, he knew a piece was missing: nutrition. Getting into shape isn’t a solitary process and Michael wanted to ensure people started off on the best foot possible.

“There’s only so much more you can do to sort of reinvent the wheel when it comes to training,” says Michael. “I guess you could say I needed a different approach, but still wanted to continue in the field that I loved.”

He notes that Torontonians are fairly sophisticated in their approaches to exercising, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application. Michael felt the next area for him to tackle was food and nutritional supplements and the ways in which they contributed to the body’s physique and wellbeing. He was eager to chart new territory. “My primary objective with training had been mainly body composition — helping people lose weight, helping people get fit and healthier — so those are the aspects I really enjoyed about nutrition,” he says.

I explain to customers that supplements are there to aid and guide them and maybe to help them reach their goals a little more quickly. - Michael Favaretto, owner
Bulldog Nutrition

A Trusted Personal Trainer

Michel started off part-time at Bulldog Nutrition in 2012 and bought the business in July of 2014, but the groundwork was laid well before then. As a personal trainer for the 20 years prior to starting at Bulldog, Michael had already won the trust of his community and built a thorough knowledge of what the body needs.

“I used to work at a lot of the fitness clubs downtown,” he says. “I managed a lot of personal training clubs and I had a successful personal training business.” Once Bulldog came calling, however, Michael couldn’t resist and answered right away.

Bulldog Nutrition

Maintaining Consistency in Healthy Routines

“At the end of the day, I make it an option,” says Michael, who never coerces or pressures his clients. “I explain to customers that supplements are there to aid and guide them and maybe to help them reach their goals a little more quickly.”

Regardless of whether someone pops into Bulldog to start a whole new regimen or just to seek Michael’s advice on a particular product, he places one thing at the top of his list: consistency. “The main focus is that people maintain their consistency, whether that be in their training or their supplementation or their sleep. That’s the kind of approach that I take.”

Bulldog Nutrition
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