Bindia Indian Bistro
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Fresh & Tasty Indian Dishes

When you start with quality, you end with quality. This is the motto of Michael Kapil and Vic Mohan, owners of Bindia Indian Bistro. Located in the heart of the revitalised St. Lawrence Market district in downtown Toronto, ingredients for the bistro's delicious lunch and dinner menus come fresh from vendors across the road. ''We're a small business so we like to support small businesses, too. This is why we shop at The St. Lawrence. We're lucky because it's one of the best markets in the world for produce,'' Michael says.

Business partner Vic says if you don't skimp on quality ingredients, there's no need to mask cooking with oils and flavours. At Bindia, an array of tasty Indian dishes are made to order for each and every customer and not only taste divine, but are exquisitely presented as well. ''My personal favourite is the Lamb Vindaloo. Our lamb and chicken dishes are very popular. For vegetarians we have okra, eggplant and lentil dishes. Let's face it — Indian food lends itself to a vegetarian diet. I grew up in a family of vegetarians.''

I believe that Toronto can rival New York, London, Mumbai and Delhi when it comes to world-class Indian restaurants. We're confident Bindia can be one of them. - Michael Kapil, co-owner
Bindia Indian Bistro

Where East Meets West

The minute you step into Bindia Indian Bistro, you feel as though you are in an inviting treasure trove of east meets west. Furniture, tableware and lighting are designed with a mix of the exotic and chic. The walls are covered with an eye-catching bold and funky mural in blues and purples, which turns out to have a very personal connection to Michael. ''I got the very first sari I had made for my wife and, without her knowing, I took it to a graphic designer who created the pattern which is on the walls,'' he says.

The personal touch extends to customers. ''Customers become friends. One of the reasons I love having a restaurant is I enjoy being part of the special moments in peoples' lives,'' Michael says. ''People come here to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.'' Perfect for celebrations, the bistro is also inviting for a drop-in light meal, with staff from local businesses often stopping by for a satisfying bite to eat during their lunch hour.

The restaurant spills onto the cobbled Market Street, creating a European feel with an outdoor patio that was voted one of the best in the city in 2014. Not in the mood to eat in? You can still enjoy Bindia's fresh Indian flavours with take-away available for both lunch and dinner and delivery on offer to the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Bindia Indian Bistro

A World-Class Indian Restaurant in Toronto

Whether serving the Shrimp Korma or Chicken Tikka Masala, the Indian cheese Palak Paneer or vegetarian Biryani, Michael and Vic want the passion and love for their cooking to shine through to their customers’ taste buds.

''I believe that Toronto can rival New York, London, Mumbai and Delhi when it comes to world-class Indian restaurants. We're confident Bindia Indian Bistro can be one of them,'' Says Michael.

Bindia Indian Bistro
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