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Authentic Kosher Food

Bistro Grande is approved by the Kashruth Council of Canada, which oversees kosher food,” explains Arthur Batikan, manager of the Eglinton West vegetarian restaurant. “Every single one of our lettuces is checked so that it’s as clean as can be and the fish is prepared to strict and healthy standards.”

While Bistro Grande caters to an enthusiastic local Jewish community for whom kosher dining is a way of life, it also attracts diners who simply want to eat healthy, vegetarian food. “We open our arms to everyone,” says Arthur. If the idea of kosher or vegetarian food brings a left-of-centre menu to mind, think again. Arthur describes the menu as Mediterranean, and pastas, fish dishes, salads, soups and pizzas made in a wood-burning stove are among the typical fare at this welcoming spot.

Every single one of our lettuces is checked so that it’s as clean as can be and the fish is prepared to strict and healthy standards. - Arthur Batikan, manager
Bistro Grande

Fabulous Fish Selection

If you’re curious about what kosher dining entails, exactly, read on for a few facts. Kosher food is well-known for being very healthy, as the cultivation of the ingredients used is as important as their preparation and presentation. It’s made up of meat, dairy and pareve foods, and the basic principle involves the total separation of meat and dairy products. Though there’s no meat at Bistro Grande, any necessary separation of ingredients is observed and the high quality of the food is a given. “It’s checked by rabbis,” Arthur adds.

All the food is made in-house from scratch and Arthur makes a point of accommodating diners with special dietary needs. “We have gluten-free options on the menu and are very sensitive to allergies.”

If fish is your thing, you’ll find plenty to choose from at Bistro Grande. There’s a large selection of grilled and fried fish with the main dish changing each day. The restaurant’s soups are also made fresh — onion soup is one of the staples, but there’s always a separate special so you can sup here every day of the week and not get bored.

Bistro Grande

In a Hurry?

Arthur has been in the restaurant trade most of his life, and at Bistro Grande since 2005, so he knows how to make you feel at home at this cosy yet elegant restaurant. “We treat customers how we would like to be treated,” he says. “If people are in a hurry, we’ll serve them in a hurry.”

Catering, group functions and even private dining options are also available. There’s something for everyone on Bistro Grande’s menu, which is packed with good, healthy and of course delicious food.

Bistro Grande
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