Bobbette & Belle
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Serendipitous start

Bobbette & Belle has cornered the market on cute and delicious baked goods in Toronto. Both locations capture the essence of owners Allyson Bobbitt and Sarah Bell: simple, classic and pretty. “We want to produce the classics. Classic flavours and a classic design that is approachable and delicious,” says Sarah. “And who doesn’t like pretty things in life?”

The pair first met while teaching at confectionary arts school, and instantly knew they would make great business partners. The combination of Allyson’s background in fashion and art, Sarah’s pastry background and their similar work ethic, made going into business together the natural thing to do. Initially the two bakers were designing and creating wedding cakes and macaron wedding favours for happy couples across the city, but soon they couldn’t keep up with supply and demand.

“We were seeing a lot of people who wanted our macarons for celebrations, or just wanted a place to walk-in and get 12 macarons as opposed to ordering hundreds,” says Sarah. “We kept hearing, ‘we just want Bobbette & Belle every day.’”

We kept hearing, ‘we just want Bobbette & Belle every day.’ - Sarah Bell
Owners of Bobbette and Belle dream up creative cakes and cute baked goods.
Photo courtesy of Bobbette and Belle
Bobbette & Belle has the cutest cupcakes you ever did see.
Photo courtesy of Bobbette and Belle
Known for their macarons, Bobbette & Belle offers up a variety of flavours daily.
Photo courtesy of Bobbette and Belle

Simple and classic flavours

Allyson and Sarah opened their first location of Bobbette & Belle on Queen Street in 2010. Offering much more than macarons, the bakery has scrumptious options like cupcakes, brownies, cakes and meringues. The flavour options of vanilla, salted caramel, cookies and cream, carrot cake and chocolate mint are always popular.

The pair's simple and classic aesthetic can be found in their designs – Allyson’s background in art and her love of fashion help fuel the creative process. Their bakery summons up nostalgia of your grandmother’s kitchen, complete with rolling pins and china plates hanging on the wall. Allyson and Sarah love the creative element of their flavour profiles and baked goods, but it is also about their customers.

“We love the connection of seeing people happy. We love to see their reactions when they’re eating our product and making them really happy.”

Known as one of the cutest bakeries in Toronto, Bobbette & Belle's interior is adorable.
Photo courtesy of Bobbette and Belle
Country chic decor and a homey feel makes Bobbette & Belle a sought after place for coffee and dessert.
Photo courtesy of Bobbette and Belle

Bakers on-the-go

With two retail locations, a cookbook and product available at McEwan’s and O+B Artisans, Allyson and Sarah are constantly on the go. If they’re not in the bakeries, they’re on daytime television or setting up cake photo shoots for national magazines. With all of this on their plate, they still make it a priority to understand what the customer wants, specifically the Torontonian customer.

“We find Toronto to be progressive in wanting good design, good food and multiculturalism,” says Sarah. “We feel like in Toronto all-walks of life can come through our doors, sit down and enjoy what we’re making.”

Photo courtesy of Bobbette and Belle
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