Cabbagetown Organics
By YP Contributor

Simple, Fresh, Organic

A family-run grocer offering packaged and fresh organic foods, Cabbagetown Organics fits right in on the Parliament strip, in the middle of a neighbourhood replete with independent butchers and bakers. This makes Cabbagetown Organics a convenient place to pick up salad ingredients to accompany a steak from St. Jamestown Steak and Chops and a baguette from Absolute Bakery, or just to grab some healthy food for dinner.

“We’ve got everything,” says owner Sam Muthreja. “Gluten-free, nut-free, allergen-free…people come here and they shop around.”

With a wide selection of organic dairy, dairy alternatives and produce, Sam says his store is popular for everyday grocery shopping, but when “people need something special, they come here.” Even if someone’s diet is restricted by an allergy or health concern, Sam says, they can shop at Cabbagetown Organics and find something for every meal of the day — including dessert.

Organic was a craze when we opened… and it’s only growing. - Sam Muthreja, Owner

Special Diets and Customer Requests

The benefit of being a small store, Sam says, is that he can order specific products for his customers, so that people walk away with exactly what they’ve been looking for. In particular, he says, people order special birthday cakes without nuts, dairy or eggs.

When a new and interesting product comes on the market, he’s sure to stock it in order to get the jump on trends in the health-food industry. “Organic was a craze when we opened in 1994,” he said. “And it’s only growing.”

Cabbagetown Organics carries several well-known product lines, including Liberté dairy products, soups from Amy’s Kitchen, Udi’s gluten free bread, and local treats from North York bakery Sweets from the Earth.

Eating Organic on a Budget

Organic food is more expensive, Sam admits. But he says his own family eats “half and half” — supplementing a typical Canadian diet with higher-end organic products where they can. This, he says, is an option for customers who want to eat well but might feel that a specialty shop like Cabbagetown Organics is out of their price range.

Independent and Family-Owned

Three partners (all “cousins and brothers,” says Sam), manage both Cabbagetown Organics and Friendly Magnolia Fine Foods at College and Bathurst. At the other store, a chef prepares take-out salads, sandwiches and pastas, while the Cabbagetown location sells rotisserie chickens and a few samosas.

“For us, it's good, it's fun. Instead of working for somebody else we work for ourselves, so we're happy,” Sam says.

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