Coppi Ristorante
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Authentic Italian Food

“We do not play around with Italian food,” says Alex Scotto di Luzio, manager at Coppi Ristorante. “We stick to the authentic recipes. If it isn’t broken, why fix it?”

With even the tomatoes sourced from Italy for the best-tasting sauces, the restaurant is like a little bit of the Mediterranean on Yonge Street. “We cover all regions of the country and source loads of ingredients from Italy,” notes Alex. This includes truffles from the Piedmont region, an annual delicacy that Coppi Ristorante has been treating its customers to since the mid 90s, unique for the time. Back then, Alex would go to Italy to broker a deal with a local truffles forager for a supply during the last months of the year. Now there are suppliers to do the job, but the tradition of offering a unique truffle menu continues to this day.

We do not play around with Italian food. We stick to the authentic recipes. If it isn’t broken, why fix it? - Alex Scotto di Luzio, manager
Coppi Ristorante

Seasonal Ingredients

While the truffles are certainly special, there are plenty of other great ingredients going into the cuisine at Coppi Ristorante. The rice for the risotto is some of the best from Northern Italy. The fish comes from Italy and is cooked in layers of salt just as it is locally. The restaurant makes its own fresh pasta and cures its own meats. “We want to sustain the highest quality possible,” says Alex.

“We like to do a sort of food tour of the country through a focus on different regions at different times of the year,” says Alex. “We have our truffles in the autumn and our fish in the summer.” All of this fine food attracts a discerning clientele. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with politicians and leaders of the business community here.

Coppi Ristorante

Inspiration from an Italian Cyclist

When you enter the restaurant you’ll notice the lamps are made of bike chains and the walls are tastefully and playfully adorned with bicycle wheels. Scenes of the Alps are dotted around the walls as well. “Ever heard of Fausto Coppi? He was an Italian cycling champ in the 40s and 50s,” says Alex. “The original owner whom I worked with at the start was called Fausto so it was kind of a personal connection.” Coppi’s cycling tours around Italy gave Alex the idea to feature different seasonal food at different times of the year. You never know where your taste buds may travel to at Coppi Ristorante.

Coppi Ristorante
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