Detroit Eatery
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One of Toronto’s Best Burgers

Nestled on the Danforth, Detroit Eatery serves up one of the best burgers in town and is known for its classic sports pub fare. "We’re often cited as one of the best burger joints in Toronto, and with reason: ours are very rich and tasty, definitely not to be missed," says Chris Amtaras, the restaurant-bar’s owner.

The place, at its best when Hockey Night In Canada is on (preferably when the Leafs clash with Motor City’s Red Wings), also cooks up classic sports bar fare like chicken wings, souvlaki and fries ― basically everything that goes nicely with a pitcher of cold beer while watching the big game with friends.

"We’re big hockey fans here, so obviously the place is themed around sports. We’ve had the Stanley Cup down here a couple of times; when the Red Wings won it, they brought it over. It’s definitely the kind of unpretentious place where you can gather around cold beer and wings to watch the game. It’s pretty small too, so it fills up quickly; the atmosphere is always very lively and festive."

Everything here is homemade, and the food attracts diners at every hour of the day. "We serve a great and very popular breakfast, which features French toast and pancakes, at any hour," Chris adds.

Just making the clients happy, seeing them having a good time and getting to know them really makes me proud. If they’re happy, I’m happy! - Chris Amtaras, owner
Detroit Eatery

A Diner with History

A Torontonian born and raised, Chris grew up in Detroit Eatery’s vicinity, since his parents bought the place in the ‘80s. As they retired Chris took over the restaurant, which he’s been operating ever since.

Is the name ‘Detroit Eatery’ a tongue-in-cheek wink at Toronto’s Leaf Nation? "The name has been around for some 80 years now," Chris reveals. "It’s named that way, in fact, because the people who opened it were from Detroit. Everyone thinks we named it that, but the fact is, it’s been this way all along, and I think it’s perfect; I love the name. It’s packed with history ― it’s one of the oldest diners on the strip."

Detroit Eatery is the kind of place where you’ll find tons of memorabilia on the walls: photos of visiting celebrities, signed hockey jerseys and posters, and other interesting items. All of these are a testament to the welcoming ambiance of Chris’ restaurant. "You instantly feel that it’s a very relaxed place when you walk in, and I think that’s what our customers love about the place."

Detroit Eatery

Making Customers Happy

"I see that our customers genuinely enjoy their experience here," Chris says, smiling. Indeed, in a diner this homey, where the food tastes as if your mother cooked it, who wouldn’t enjoy themselves? "Just making the clients happy," he stresses, "seeing them having a good time and getting to know them really makes me proud. If they’re happy, I’m happy!"

Detroit Eatery
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