El Rincon Mexicano
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Traditional Mexican Cuisine

“When our family first came to Canada from Mexico City, we had to unite and look out for each other,” says Luis Morgado. “Looking back, I think this was great training for working together at  El Rincon Mexicano Restaurant. We work like clockwork.” Luis takes care of the business side of things, younger brother Jorge is the executive chef and sister Christina manages the staff.

The siblings opened the restaurant in 2004 with an important culinary agenda: to show Torontonians what real Mexican food is all about. The menu is a smorgasbord of the best of Mexican cuisine with a carefully prepared selection of appetizers, soups, salads,tortilla dishes, seafood, fajitas and traditional desserts including fried ice cream.

I think Mexican food is one of the best cuisines in the world. It isn’t just about tacos and burritos and I think that people are starting to get that. - Luis Morgado, co-owner
El Rincon Mexicano Restaurant

Grandma’s Kitchen

The fairytale of grandma’s kitchen, from which the smells of delicious comfort food emanate, is an alluring one. This particular fairytale is true, however, and it involves Grandma Morgado and her three grandchildren. The Morgado family left Mexico City and came to Canada because the general climate was getting a little uncomfortable for their journalist dad. He found a job at a newspaper in Toronto and their mom worked full-time as well, so the three little Morgados ended up spending a lot of time in their grandma’s kitchen sampling the delights of their homeland.

They each developed an appreciation for the culinary tastes of home and Jorge took aspecial interest in learning how to cook dishes like Mole Poblano and Guacamole Ranchero. “People say they don’t taste guacamole like ours anywhere,” says Jorge.“They can’t put their finger on it. They say it’s silky.”

Luis, Jorge and Christina eventually decided to go into business together doing what they knew best – and the diners of Toronto flocked to eat real Mexican food at El Rincon Mexicano Restaurant. “My grandmother was always cooking something from home,” recalls Luis with a smile. “I guess we three kids started to see how delicious the food from our home country was. I think Mexican food is one of the best cuisines in the world. It isn’t just about tacos and burritos and I think that people are starting to get that.”

Indeed, the people of Toronto are certainly getting it. El Rincon Mexicano Restaurant is often packed, which gives Jorge the buzz to fly through each evening. “I like the pressure in the kitchen,” he laughs.

El Rincon Mexicano Restaurant

A Meeting Spot for Great Mexican Food

The name of the restaurant translates to something close to ‘the corner meeting spot,’which it has certainly become for those seeking genuine Mexican food without having to hop on a plane to Mexico. “Those afternoons in our grandmas’ kitchen made us naturals at cooking and sharing our enjoyment of our food,” says Luis. “That time helped us to believe in ourselves.”

El Rincon Mexicano Restaurant
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