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From Thrifting to Thriving Business

Jessie Frampton’s face lights up when she’s asked how she met her friend and business partner Florence Rossavik. “I bumped into her a week after she moved to Toronto from France at a Value Village in Leslieville,” Jessie remembers. “I walked up to her and was like ‘what do you think of this sweater?’”

The two hit it off and were soon meeting up for coffee and attending events together, Jessie taking the role of city guide. When Flo asked Jessie where to get a wax in Toronto, Jessie couldn’t come up with any stellar options. That got the two talking about a concept Flo was familiar with from Europe, which was also popular in the United States but had yet to reach Canada. “There were brow bars, nail bars, lash bars but there was no wax bar,” Jessie explains. “It was sort of an ‘aha!’ moment that this concept does not exist in Toronto.”

People want professionals, especially with intimate services like waxing. Our girls at Fuzz, we call them ‘Fuzzologists’ - they do one thing and they do it really, really well. - Jessie Frampton, co-owner
Fuzz Wax Bar - Toronto's first wax bar features a clean and welcoming interior.

Toronto’s First Wax Bar

Over hours of coffee dates, Flo and Jessie got to planning concept, design, branding and marketing. Eight months later, they opened Fuzz Wax Bar’s first location on Queen West in 2012. At the time, they were the city’s first salon dedicated solely to waxing. “People want professionals, especially with intimate services like waxing,” Jessie says. “Our girls at Fuzz, we call them ‘Fuzzologists’ - they do one thing and they do it really, really well. You can guarantee that because it’s all we do. We’re not switching between manis, pedis and facials and maybe doing a wax in between. We only do waxing.” Flo and Jessie ensured that their services would be affordably priced and efficient. “You’re in and out in 20 minutes,” Jessie ensures. “It’s very fast!”

The concept took off, garnering press coverage from Canada’s major fashion magazines and beauty blogs, as well as praise from a legion of dedicated clients. Fuzz Wax Bar has over 3,000 members that come in for monthly waxes and now boasts four locations in downtown Toronto.

Fuzz Wax Bar - Toronto's first wax bar features tidy treatment rooms.

Special Care for Down There

Fuzz Wax Bar’s signature service is the Brazilian wax, which leaves a woman’s intimate regions completely hair-free. After years of giving Brazilians to clients, Jessie and Flo’s fuzzologists realized that the sensitive bikini area, which is prone to irritation and ingrown hairs from repeated waxing, needed special care and attention. “You wouldn’t believe the problems that people have down there that they never talk to anybody about,” Jessie says. “Our Fuzzologists are the only ones that see that.” So they developed a specialized treatment – the only non-waxing serving on Fuzz’s menu – the vajacial. “It’s like a facial for your vagina,” Jessie explains. “It’s a five-step procedure. We cleanse, exfoliate, remove ingrown hairs, put on a mask and use a high pulse light to kill any bacteria to stop the ingrown hairs in their tracks.”

Expanding the Concept

Since launching in 2012, Flo and Jessie haven’t stopped moving. Always with a new goal in the horizon, their latest venture is a product line dedicated to pre and post wax care, which launched in the beginning of 2016. They’re now concentrating their efforts on franchising the concept to locations in the Greater Toronto Area. The first location out of the downtown core is in Whitby and the Fuzz girls hope that one day their unique wax bar concept will spread from coast to coast.

“We could just have the two stores and be content with that,” Flo explains. “But we want to grow and that’s what’s exciting.”

Fuzz Wax Bar - Toronto's first wax bar has four locations in Toronto.
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