Jules Bistro
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French home cooking

Eric Strippoli was a successful restaurateur in his home country of France, opening his first restaurant in 1985 in Grenoble and expanding to three more locations in the area over the following ten years. He moved to Canada with his Toronto-born wife in 1999 and decided to continue his lifelong love of food by opening Jules Bistro in 2000. He named it after his son Julian’s nickname, Jules.

The Spadina location was so successful that he and a friend opened another Jules Bistro on Queen Street West in 2016 with the same menu and same simple, cozy décor. “There is nothing fancy in our design,” Eric says. “We like being simple and humble. When you come in you’re a client for the rest of your life.”

We are sure about the quality. We never joke about quality. We are very precise. If you come today and have one dish and come back in 6 months it’s exactly the same. We are very consistent. - Eric Strippoli, owner
Jules Bistro's chef.

True bistro style

The food at Jules Bistro is true French traditional bistro style, with big portions made from high quality ingredients. Highlights from the menu include classics such as Quiche Lorraine, crepes, and the highly recommended, steak frites. “We never joke about quality,” says Eric. “We are very precise. If you come today and have one dish and come back in 6 months it’s exactly the same. We are very consistent.”

When Eric opened Jules Bistro in 2000, French cuisine was mainly found in fine dining restaurants and was very expensive. The bistro style was new, and fit in with the up and coming neighbourhood around it. “It wasn’t the best area when we moved in. Now we have all the artists and creative people. We grew up with them.”

A look inside Jules Bistro.

A Spadina success story

Being in the same spot for 17 years is a source of pride for Eric as it proves this humble French chef who didn’t speak much English could make it in Toronto. “At the beginning it was tough because I didn't speak English,” recalls Eric. “The only English I knew was the different types of vegetables and fruit. It was funny.”

The open kitchen at Jules Bistro lets customers see everything that is going into their food. Everything is made from scratch and the warm, friendly atmosphere keeps customers coming back for more. “You never feel like a stranger here,” says Eric.

Jules Bistro serves cuisine near Queen West and Spadina.
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