Manic Coffee
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Community café

Originally opened in 2007,  Manic Coffee underwent renovations in 2016 that reshaped the cafe into a more modern incarnation. Moreover, new food items were added to the menu, such as pastries and ice cream, improving the overall quality of the food.

The 40-seat café is brightly lit with a large window at the front to let in natural light. With Kensington Market, home to a number of coffee shops, Manic Coffee sets itself apart by offering more than its competitors. “With so much competition, the quality and freshness has to stand out,” says Tony. "We [also] do not have Wi-Fi as we would like to keep the café as a conversational and interactional environment.”

Quality is our top priority. There are no preservatives. Everything is natural and fresh. - Tony Souphanthong, owner
A pair of hands busily work to prepare a drink at Manic Coffee.

Coffee roasters

Manic Coffee uses direct trade coffee from Ontario’s own Social Roasters and from Intelligentsia based out of Chicago. Both deal directly with coffee growers around the world and work with café owners to perfect their brew.

The baristas then turn that direct trade brew into a work of art in the café, creating designs for each cup. Manic Coffee serves up the usual fare of cappuccinos, lattes, and Americanos but the baristas do it with flair. Each cup is served with as much detail put into the finished product as put into the roast itself.

Interior wall lighting at Manic Coffee.

Ice cream and sandwiches

One of the changes Tony brought to Manic Coffee was an updated menu.  A focus on high quality ingredients with everything made in house – even the ice cream is made in the kitchen. “Quality is our top priority,” says Tony. “There are no preservatives. Everything is natural and fresh.”

There is no Wi-Fi at Manic Coffee. When it opened, the philosophy was to create and promote community. It’s offering a chance to disconnect from the outside world and re-connect with people face to face, and that is so much easier to do with a great tasting cup of coffee in your hand. “Nowadays with technology vastly advancing, it is always lovely to come to a nice and cozy spot to sit down and have a cup of coffee and mingle,” says Tony.

Dining area of Manic Coffee.
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