MoRoCo Chocolat
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Taste of Europe

Anyone who’s ever been to Paris knows the decadence of a good cup of drinking chocolate. It’s not a hot chocolate as most customers with a North American palette might assume. It’s pure chocolate melted for sipping pleasure  - a rich, velvety treat you normally wouldn’t get this side of the map. Luckily, you can enjoy it without a passport at MoRoCo Chocolat.

High-end yet affordable chocolates are the driving force behind this Yorkville restaurant and boutique. “We focus on quality chocolates and experiences you wouldn't get from somewhere else,” says marketing manager Tracy Somerville. “So we add a whimsical Parisian flair to things.”

Food trends may come and go, but chocolate never goes out of fashion. - Tracy Somerville, marketing manager
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A Labour of Love for Sweets

MoRoCo is the brainchild of owner Kelly Kimel, who opened the restaurant in 2008 after having travelled to Europe enough times, particularly France, to educate herself on a variety of chocolates. (Fun fact: MoRoCo takes its name from the first two letters of her children’s names, Montana and Rory, and then, of course, the word cocoa.) Kelly wanted to bring that French-inspired flair to the Toronto market, offering both savoury and sweet eats like truffled mac and cheese and, well, truffles.

Kelly is also behind the look and brand of MoRoCo from the plush purple seating to the whimsical lilac packaging, which makes it possible for customers to feel like a carefree child and a sophisticated chocolate connoisseur all at the same time.

MoRoCo has two types of offerings: a full-service restaurant with lunch, brunch and dinner menus, and a boutique that sells to-go items including 12 rotating flavours of macarons and 27 types of filled truffles featuring Valrhona chocolates from France. “Our high-end couverture chocolate quality and mouth-feel is so much different than what you would get from a normal confection chocolate,” says Tracy. “People are becoming more and more attracted to that uniqueness of a chocolate.”

MoRoCo Chocolat, Lunch, brunch, dinner, cocktails, chocolates, afternoon tea, macarons, desserts

A Purely Indulgent Experience

With the pull of a lush curtain, plenty of private parties can be held at MoRoCo. Tracy says the clientele leans towards a female demographic, which means bridal showers and birthday parties are often in full swing at the restaurant. Corporate cocktail parties, product launches and baby showers are also regular events.

Perhaps the biggest draw for business are date nights. “On weekend evenings, the restaurant has a very intimate, sultry, yet fun atmosphere, which draws a lot of couples,” says Tracy. “We definitely recommend the torch table S’mores, where you can get a roasting vessel to toast the marshmallows, which we make from scratch on site.”

Another feature that defines MoRoCo is the popular thee-tier afternoon tea service. From Tuesdays to Sundays, indulge in a selection of 15 different teas specially blended for MoRoCo, complemented with an array of mini-pastries, tea sandwiches, seasonal scones, peti fours and macarons.

For any occasion at MoRoCo, reservations are highly encouraged as it’s often booked. “Food trends may come and go,” says Tracy, “but chocolate never goes out of fashion.”

MoRoCo Chocolat, Lunch, brunch, dinner, cocktails, chocolates, afternoon tea, macarons, desserts
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