Nuit Social
By YP Contributor

Not your typical cocktail bar

Nuit Social doesn't look like the typical cocktail bar. Owner Tino Bianchi made a point to stay away from the classic dark and broody atmosphere cocktail bars have become synonymous with – at Nuit Social the walls are painted white, there is a large window in the front, letting natural light in and you’ll find a pop of colour in the centre of the small space  thanks to the custom stained glass on the bar.

A welcoming atmosphere is what Tino was going for when he first came up with Nuit Social’s concept – an inviting space, where everyone is welcome.

I wanted to recreate that special feeling – a place that made everyone feel welcome. - Tino Bianchi, Owner

Rooted in memories

His inspiration comes from his childhood.

“It comes from my family,” says Tino. “When I think back to fond memories it always ends up being at the dinner table with family and friends sharing food and drinks. My parents would put spreads of cured house meats, cheeses and olives, and guests would pick at the charcuterie over drinks. All the while my mom would prepare meals that later made their way to the centre of the dinner table for everyone to share. I wanted to recreate that special feeling – a place that made everyone feel welcome.”

Hard work goes a long way

While his love of food comes from the parties his parents would host, his skill comes from hard work. Tino started working as a dishwasher and slowly moved up the ranks, working every position from line cook to server to assistant manager. He brought his passion for food and service to each role, remembering the care his parents took with guests in his childhood home.

The kitchen, located in the back of the restaurant, is open concept and the perfect size for the menu at Nuit Social. The menu is divided into two categories – social boards and social plates. Guests can customize their own charcuterie boards by choosing from the many options available, which are divided into meats, cheeses and olives. The Social Board section features dishes like Octopus, Beef Meatballs, Chicken Marsala and more. Of course Tino's roots are apparent in both menus, as the plates are perfect for sharing among friends and family.

Alongside his mixologist Tess Cheung, Tino thoughtfully plans out the cocktail menu, a mix of unique creations and classics, plus the international wine list, which consists of more than 20 labels!

Celebrating Toronto

The eclectic mix of international cuisines and wine labels is Tino's way of celebrating Toronto.

“Toronto is special. We have the practically everything and anything any other city in the world has to offer,” said Tino. “I truly believe we are one of the best city’s in the world and having so many different cultures adds to the great city we’ve become.”

Good food and inviting atomosphere

Tino now divides his time between Nuit Social and a second restaurant, located in Oakville. Even with all this on the go, he always finds time for his one-year-old daughter.

“There is a lot of hard work and long hours that go into running a restaurant, but I believe there is nothing more rewarding than to have people come to your place and enjoy the food and the atmosphere,” says Tino. “Even just running into some random person and in conversation finding out they know about the restaurant. To think it was once was just a thought and now is a favourite of many.”

Tino's hard work and passion for people and food can be felt throughout Nuit Social, and lucky for Toronto, Tino has shared the fruits of his labour.

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