Presto Paper & Home
By Nicole Gottselig

For the Person who has Everything

Walking into Tory Wright’s 200-square-foot retail space, Presto! Paper & Home, is like walking into a candy land of chic and affordable delights. Shelves are stocked from floor to ceiling with a kaleidoscopic mix of unique and practical finds — from a vintage sea-foam green rotary-style telephone (that works!) to a fine-leather luggage tag with the perfect cheeky inscription.

If your gaze hasn’t been taken over by the rows of unconventional greeting cards — from the saucy to the inspirational — you’ll be drawn to the columns of journals, stationery and chic coffee-table books arranged in colour block palettes of turquoise, fuchsia and tangerine alongside their classic neutral-toned counterparts.

“Everyone has everything large that they need, but I had a hard time finding a nice stapler, wallet or some nice stationery,  just a curated collection that appeals to me. When I come to the store, I shop, which is kind of crazy, but I do,” says Tory.

It’s about keeping it fresh. It’s about mixing the practical with the impractical. - Tory Wright, owner
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Distinctive Finds for Everyone

Even if you haven’t been to Presto! Paper & Home, there’s a good chance you’ve already purchased one of Tory’s coveted finds that she’s brought exclusively to retailers from New York, London and Paris. Since 1985, she has owned and ran Paper E. Clips, a major distributor of social stationery to more than 2,000 stores across Canada.

“After 30 years in wholesale, having a retail store was always something in the back of my mind,” Tory says. “But I had to ensure it was respectful to the people I sell to and in a location that wouldn’t infringe on their businesses.”

She found the perfect home at 1011 Yonge Street, less than half a block from the Rosedale subway station, and in September 2014, her retail space welcomed its first customers. She chose the neighbourhood because there were no other stores in the area to pick up a greeting card.

“We’re still a bit of a discovery shop. New customers come in every day asking how long we’ve been open,” says Tory. “And our return customers are telling us that they’re buying all their gifts for the office here now.”

Functional with a Unique Twist

Presto! Paper & Home also carries brands from local wholesalers. “I completely believe in supporting the people who are doing business here because I’m one of them,” Tory says. "But, there are items unavailable here that I’m able to bring in from other cities and countries, thanks to my wholesale business. My customers are looking for that bit of difference in their purchases.”

While you may have come in to find the perfect card, there’s a good chance you may snag a wish capsule necklace or a retro pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game for your next host/hostess gift. The jewellery and breadth of curiosities are some of the most coveted finds in the store. “It’s about keeping it fresh. It’s about mixing the practical with the impractical.”

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