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Arrangements, Plants and Bouquets for All Budgets

“I’m the kind of person who loves uplifting people,” says Araz Adam. “As a florist, I get to be creative and bring happiness to people. That’s why I love it.”

Araz brings happiness to people every day at Posies Flowers, her entertainment district flower shop. She is kept busy creating floral solutions for all occasions, regular corporate orders, events and drop-ins. “I love it all,” she says. “I’ve always had a leaning towards design.”

Her location in the entertainment district means Araz often gets to work with both her valued neighbourhood clientele as well as visiting celebrities. Even as she comments on how much she loves her job, Araz is deftly composing a beautiful bouquet for a TV star that’s in hospital. “I’m hoping it brings a smile to her face,” she beams.

As a florist, I get to be creative and bring happiness to people. That’s why I love it. - Araz Adam, owner
Posies Flowers

Blossoming in a New Location on Wellington Street West

Araz’s sister-in-law was the first to suggest that Araz try floral design. She did, fell in love with it right away and gradually made the transition to owning Posies Flowers. “When I learned it was for sale, I jumped at the chance,” says Araz. “It had been running for 20 years before I took over in 2011. I took the great reputation it had built up and expanded on that.”

Firstly, Araz moved the store from its midtown location to its present spot, which is just a short walk from her home. “I didn’t want to have to spend energy on commuting. When you have a business, you think about it 24/7 so I wanted to be nearby to focus on it.” She found that not only did clients from the old spot follow her, but she was also able to fulfill the need for a florist in the new neighborhood. “There are a lot of condos downhere, but there weren’t many flower shops,” she explains. “I also noticed that it was nearly impossible to find a house plant in the area. I’ve expanded to include plants and flowering plants in our stock because a bit of greenery really brightens up a condo.”Araz is happy to order anything that isn't available in her store. “One of my regular customers asked for a small lemon tree which I sourced in no time," she recalls.

Posies Flowers

Impressive Floral Arrangements

The retail side is one aspect of the business Araz has developed ten-fold. Prior to her taking over, the store was first and foremost a studio, a characteristic she has maintained, but having direct contact with clients was important to her. “I get the chance to connect and learn what a customer likes and I can tell because I see their reaction,"she explains. "It all helps build a relationship because I start to learn what they are about.”

When you drop in at Posies Flowers, expect a warm welcome. “I’ll ask if you want fresh cut flowers or plants,” says Araz. “I’ll find out about the occasion and the budget and work from there. Customers walk out with something they’re impressed with and something that will impress who they’re giving it to.”

Posies Flowers
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