Stack Restaurant
By YP Contributor

Smoked Meats and Craft Beers on Yonge Street

Cookies go with cream, bees go with honey, mashed potatoes go with gravy and, at Stack, fresh and hearty diner food goes with upmarket dining. “I grew up helping out in my dad’s and uncle’s diner which they opened in Leaside in the 1960s,” says Stack owner, Bill Panos. “I learned that it’s all about good quality, homemade food. Then I worked in corporate restaurants so learned about great service and ambience.”

Bill took the best of both worlds and opened his smoked-meat specialty spot in 2012.

“I just think that nothing can beat the taste of smoked food. It’s my passion.” When you visit Stack, you can wash all this divinely tasty food down with a craft beer from one of nine Canadian boutique breweries.

Essentially, smoked meat is BBQ grub and it’s all about having a great, simple and healthy meal. - Bill Panos, owner

Fresh and Local Ontario Food

For Bill, it’s important to buy local where he can so he sources all of his meats from Ontario and produce as well, when it’s in season. “My breads are also from an Ontario producer,” says Bill.

It all ties in with Bill’s philosophy of making fresh food with the best ingredients he can get his hands on. Fresh-cut fries, sauces and dressings are also made in-house. “I’m big on cooking fresh each day. Even our mac and cheese is made to order.”

It’s not just ribs, pulled pork and brisket that get the smoked treatment with a genuine onsite Southern Pride smoker at Stack. Bill goes further by peppering other dishes on the menu with tasty smoked meat giving you the chance to enjoy this classic southern food in a variety of ways. Salads are mixed with smatterings of pulled chicken or brisket while tacos are filled with pulled pork. “I’d say that ribs are the favourite dish but my menu is more extensive than most which do this kind of food,” says Bill. For a sweet end to the evening, be sure to grab some made-to-order donuts.

At Stack you can side bar side or enjoy a table with friends.

Stack It Up

You may be wondering about the name Stack. Bill says it’s simple; it reflects the idea of stacking up your plate at a good old-fashioned BBQ. “Essentially, smoked meat is BBQ grub and it’s all about having a great, simple and healthy meal,” enthuses Bill.

Hungry people come from as far as Bowmanville and Oakville to eat here, drawn by the down-to-earth hearty food, upscale venue with excellent service. “The prices are good and the restaurant is the kind of welcoming place that makes you want to lounge all evening.”

Stack faces out onto bustling Yonge Street.
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