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Experimenting with Fashion

One of Wilson Li’s main reasons for opening Studio We, a leading fashion retail store in Leslieville, was to experience firsthand the experimentation that goes on in the fashion world. New styles are being set everyday, and Wilson wanted to be at the crest of the trend while contributing his own sense of style. “I have a vision of it and know what I’m good at,” he says, “so I wanted to see how good I am. That’s always the type of challenge I take on…if I can do it, if I have the guts or timing, then I’ll do it; I’ll just try.”

He finds that clothing is a representation of a person’s personality, and uses his clothes to make a bold statement. Wilson is completely unafraid to try new outfits and styles, and he loves finding new combinations that really work. He also draws inspiration from Europe and Asia; two places he says are leaders in fashion that he can see making their marks in Toronto.

I don’t sell just for selling. You have to look good. - Wilson Li, owner
Studio We, Men’s clothing, women’s clothing, urban apparel, jeans, denim.

Clothes For All Style Senses

When Wilson was finding a place for Studio We, he settled on Queen Street East in Leslieville because of its untapped potential. The area was in a state of change and growth, and being in the middle of it excited Wilson. He says he has no typical customer or demographic because of the neighbourhood’s diversity, as the area contains people from all walks of life. “I’m still learning who they are,” he says. “Because this neighbourhood is forever changing and I encounter different clientele every year or two…they range in all sizes and different style types.”

Wilson gets teens starting to definitively put a stamp on their own personal styles, he gets women and men looking to rebrand themselves according to what’s in season, and he gets people who want to make their first foray into the world of fashion. Whatever his customers’ needs are, Wilson has the perfect shirt or pair of jeans that will show the world what their personality is like.

Studio We, Men’s clothing, women’s clothing, urban apparel, jeans, denim.

Making Customers Look Their Best

Too many retail stores say whatever their customers want to hear in hopes of nabbing another quick sale. Wilson adamantly refuses to do that, instead opting to stylishly dress his clientele. It’s his goal to see everyone dressed well, and he loathes the idea of sending his customers out in something that doesn’t suit them fabulously.

“I’m very direct,” he admits, “and have a very strong point of view. If you ask me something, I will give it to you right off.” Wilson manages to strike a good balance between directness and sensitivity, understanding that people also need to feel good in what they wear. “I don’t sell just for selling,” he says. “You have to look good.”

Studio We, Men’s clothing, women’s clothing, urban apparel, jeans, denim.
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