The Chase Fish & Oyster
By YP Contributor

Premier Seafood in the Middle of the Continent

Reinventing the seafood experience is a challenge, even in Toronto. While not an oceanside town, the city does have its fair share of oyster houses and seafood restaurants.

The Chase Hospitality Group, led by executive chef Micheal Steh and founder Steven Salm, believed they could take things further and redefine what Toronto’s seafood experience could and should be. “We didn’t feel there was a good representation of a true oyster house in the city in the way that we’ve experienced it in other places, especially coastal cities,” says Michael.

Their dream was to combine an oyster house with a premiere dining destination based around seafood, and add all the elements of a very social environment. Located in the historic Dineen Building at Yonge and Temperance, The Chase Fish & Oyster is the result of their vision.

There’s an incredible amount of fresh seafood that moves through those doors. - Micheal Steh, executive chef
The Chase Fish & Osyster, restaurant, Toronto, fish, seafood

The Finest Quality Seafood

The restaurant's design makes for a bright and open interior with a friendly atmosphere, reminiscent of dining in the pleasant warmth of a summer’s day by the sea. A chalkboard presents the day’s oyster selections, and the open concept places the shuckers and bar action directly in view. Ceiling fans and spinnakers hang overhead and exposed brick walls surround the open dining area.

Consistent with the warm feel of the restaurant, the menu ensures more than three quarters of the dishes offered are designed for sharing and sociability. And what delicious food to share -- the mission at The Chase Fish & Oyster is to pursue “the finest quality seafood with a strong focus and philosophy on sustainability and seasonal ingredients.”

The menu draws attention to natural seafood flavours, focusing on an exceptional seafood offering and a raw bar, which offers a daily selection of clams, oysters, lobster and shrimp at market prices. According to Michael, they receive two to three shipments of fresh seafood each and every day. “There’s an incredible amount of fresh seafood that moves through those doors,” says Michael.

Leading the kitchen is chef de cuisine Nigel Findley, who is a maritimes boy and naturally inclined to understand the nature of seafood. Main items on the seafood menu include trout, halibut, steamed mussels, sea brine and a rotating selection of daily specials. Of course, there is also fried chicken and a roast beef butter strip loin for the turf lovers.

The Chase Fish & Osyster, restaurant, Toronto, fish, seafood

Diamond in the Sea

Michael describes The Chase Fish & Oyster as the diamond of the five incredible restaurants that the Chase group has created in the downtown core. “We wanted to provide something that would be healthy, that would encourage sociability, and at the same time have guests walk away feeling refreshed and energized but with a craving that makes them want to come back, even if it was the same night,” says Michael.

With some 15 years working in Toronto’s dining scene, Michael is well aware of how people working and living downtown want to dine —and it shows.

The Chase Fish & Osyster, restaurant, Toronto, fish, seafood
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