The Peasant Table
By Karen Lloyd

Sea Breeze

Thanks to enormous garden windows and a cool blue-grey interior, it’s hard not to feel like you’re somewhere Mediterranean when you dine at The Peasant Table. The restaurant opened in Toronto’s Riverside neighbourhood in 2015. Its menu matches features crispy sea smelts, cod fritters and grilled octopus.

“The vibe is very relaxed,” says restaurant manager Kasia Czajkowski. At The Peasant Table, customers are encouraged to taste their food, take in their surroundings and enjoy the experience. “We kind of want to treat them like they are family," says Kasia. "We want them to feel like this is a place where they can stay.”

It’s simple dishes with lots of flavours. - Kasia Czajkowski, manager

Simple Pleasures

Kasia explains the menu is a refined version of what one might expect based on the restaurant’s name. “We use what we have to make something that’s very good,” she says. “It’s simple dishes with lots of flavours.” The Peasant Table’s owner, Boris Babic, is inspired by the fruits of the Adriatic Sea, Italian cuisine and meals he ate as a child.

In addition to an extensive list of seafood dishes, The Peasant Table features wild boar meatballs, polenta cornmeal and potato pancakes. If you’re a vegetarian, Kasia recommends the grilled mixed vegetable sandwich (on naan) with basil pesto and goat cheese. “A lot of people come in and just want apps,” she says. “You can have a whole meal from them.”

Opportunity Knocks

Kasia says she enjoys working with views of Queen Street East, especially when compared to the outskirts of Toronto where she and Boris were both employees of a restaurant just a year earlier in 2015. When Boris suggested opening a restaurant and asked her to come on board as the manager, she saw it as an opportunity to grow, mostly because she trusted his work as a chef and they got along great. “When two people work well together, it works,” she says with a smile.

The Peasant Table is a welcome addition to the Riverside neighbourhood. Locals enjoy Bring Your Own Wine night, daily specials and happy hour. The restaurant also boasts a private dining space with A/V services and complimentary Wi-Fi for special occasions and corporate meetings. Customizable menu packages for celebrations, corporate meetings and off-site catering are also available.

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