Venas Restaurant
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West Indian Cuisine Prepared with Love

Vena’s Restaurant is home to some of the best roti and West Indian cuisine in Toronto. Owner Masaud Siddiqui works his magic creating perfectly tender rotis with a wide variety of curry dishes to satisfy diners’ palates. “Customers love the food we make here,” says Masaud. “You can taste the love that goes into it. We have so many different dishes here, chick peas, eggplant, spinach, chicken, something for everybody.”

Vena’s Restaurant opened in early 1991 and Masaud's combination of distinct West Indian flavours and South Asian spice soon sparked the interest of people all over the city. The restaurant is now a popular lunch and dinner spot for those who wish to eat in or stop by for take-out.

For me it’s like sharing a taste of my culture with people who appreciate good quality food with lots of flavour. - Masaud Siddiqui, owner
Vena’s Restaurant

Taste of Culture

In this day and age, people are keen to try new foods from different cultures, opening both their minds and their palates to something fresh and unique. The soft texture of roti mixed with endless varieties of curry dishes has become a staple for many Torontonians, and roti shops like Vena’s Restaurant are being put on the city’s culinary map.

“I have been doing this for many years,” says Masaud. “For me it’s like sharing a taste of my culture with people who appreciate good quality food with lots of flavour.”

Vena’s Restaurant proudly serves the city’s residents, from students to businesspeople. Meals are customizable and Masaud is very accommodating to the needs of his patrons. Take-out options are available as well and most meals are prepared before your eyes.

Vena’s Restaurant

Feeding the Community

For Masaud, it’s not just about serving lunch and dinner to passersby or people on a quick break from their jobs, it’s also about giving back to his community. Vena’s Restaurant is constantly humbled by their patronage and make a concerted effort to provide food for those in need. With a large number of Torontonians struggling to afford a hot meal, three times a day, Masaud, his family and staff take it upon themselves to feed members of the community. Their goal is to provide meals to as many people as they can each year.

“Not everyone can afford to eat out or have good food all the time,” says Masaud. “My daughter started this initiative a while back and it’s about helping those who need it. We try to feed anywhere from a thousand to two thousand people a year, it’s our community and it feels good to be able to put a smile on someone’s face.”

Vena’s Restaurant
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