Mancini's Pizza & Wings
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Fresh, Friendly and Filling

In 2012, Frank and his wife, Deseree, had a craving for something that was missing in Whitby: veal sandwiches comparable to those made famous in Toronto. "Both my wife and I had former pizza experience with one of the biggest restaurant chains in Ontario," says Frank, "and after many years in the pizza business, we decided to open up our own."

Today, Mancini's Veal Sandwiches & Panzerotti is known not only for its veal sandwiches and panzerotti but also for grilled panini, fresh salads and pasta – all served in a comfortable and casual dining environment.

But it's not just about the food. "One of the main reasons we opened the restaurant was to bring our vision of great food and friendly customer service to life," says Frank. "It's personally rewarding to be in a business and speak to customers."

We have a commitment towards fresh foods. We focus on freshly cooked, made-to-order products, and we feel that offering has a place in Whitby. - Deseree, owner
Mancini's features a casual and comfortable environment in which to dine.

The Recipe for a Successful Eatery

Frank and Deseree built the business one customer a time, with a commitment to quality food, generous portions and a casual environment in which to enjoy themselves. “We have a commitment towards fresh,” says Frank. “Definitely, we focus on freshly cooked, made-to-order products, and we feel that that offering has its place in Whitby. The value that we provide, for the products that we provide, is exceptional.”

Take, for example, the two dishes that make up the café's name.  "The veal sandwich is tenderized in store the old fashioned way," says Frank, adding that it's also "lightly breaded and served on a fresh kaiser with our homemade tomato sauce." As for the café's namesake panzerotti, it's made with fresh homemade dough and 100 per cent real Monterey Jack cheese.

Come Home to Mancini’s

Coming to Mancini’s is like coming home. It’s not stuffy or pretentious; it’s an old-fashioned sit-down eatery with tantalizing aromas and staff who really care about you. Frank and his staff will call you by name, remember your last order,and go the extra mile when it comes to customer service. “We find ourselves nestled amongst a senior community,” says Frank. “Certainly, it’s not uncommon to see many of our staff opening or holding the door open for our customers.”

Customers can often see Deseree or her daughter out front offering a friendly greeting. That personable owner-customer interaction can be rare to find these days, but it’s something that Frank and Deseree have happily embraced. "The reality is, whenever you grow a business organically, you have to win over customers one at a time and that's a real challenge," says Frank. "There is no light switch that you can turn on that makes you a successful business overnight. You have to work at it. You have to maintain standards, you have to maintain great service, you have to focus on quality products for your customers, and you have to appreciate your customers." Judging by the café's popularity, it seems Frank's and Deseree's vision for the Whitby community has come true.

Mancini's is located in Whitby.
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