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A Family Legacy

Jack grew up working with his parents in tire shops back in the '70s. Although he had nothing against tires, Jack wasn’t sure that the tire business was his calling. He actually had other interests and plans, which involved fantasy creatures and stories – things completely unrelated to tires and the automotive industry.

“But life is unpredictable, and you simply don’t know what you’ll end up doing. Often, it’s something you’d never imagined,” says Jack, who now owns and runs Whitby Tire. “My Mum and Step-Dad started the shop up in 1993 and ran it for years. Then my mother passed away, and my sister ran the business. She ran it for several years, too, until her time also came. After she passed, the shop was left to me. So, not knowing where it was going, I took it over. That was in 2012.”

Rather than pushing two or three brands of tires, we let our customers decide what they want and then we get it for them. - Jack, owner
Whitby Tire

Tire Master Meets Dungeon Master

The transition from his sister’s shop to Jack’s current shop was very smooth. “Kent, one of the tire experts here, has been with the company since my Mum started it in ’93. He’s the only old-timer left and he’s helped me out a lot with things,” says Jack.

Reflecting on his current position, Jack says, “If my sister were still around to run the company, I probably wouldn’t be here. Because I have a business of my own and I started it in 1977.”

Jack has been manufacturing small, highly detailed figurines out of pewter for the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons since 1977. When he speaks of this part of his life, his enthusiasm is palpable. Jack seems as happy to be doing this today as he was in the late '70s. But, as he points out, “It’s quite busy, running two businesses. At my age, I’m supposed to be slowing down. Oh well,” he laughs.

Whitby Tire

The Best Little Tire House in Whitby

With a long and successful history, Whitby Tire has a great tag line; ‘the best little tire shop in Whitby.' And it’s the truth. It’s not a chain or franchise, so they have control over everything including the brands they carry.

“Rather than pushing two or three brands of tires, we let our customers decide what they want and then we get it for them,” explains Jack. "It’s not always easy, but that’s always been our way and our customers prefer it.”

You don’t need an appointment to get new tires, repairs or balancing at Whitby Tire. In fact, when you bring in your vehicle, their goal is to get you in and out in 15 minutes, which is really quick. For knowledgeable, speedy and friendly tire service, as well as information on fantasy figurines, Whitby Tire is the obvious choice in Durham.

Whitby Tire
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