Galaxie Diner
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From Sri Lanka to Woodbridge

“At home (in Sri Lanka), there was always fighting. Way too much fighting. It wasn’t safe,” says Jai, owner of the Galaxie Diner in Woodbridge. "That’s why I had to come to Canada."

However, relocating wasn’t as simple as Jai had hoped, and he didn’t have an easy go of it when he first came to Ontario. “Back home, I did specialized electrical and cable work. When I tried to get a job doing that here when I first arrived, I was told I needed to have Canadian experience.” But since he’s from Sri Lanka, not surprisingly, Jai didn’t have any Canadian experience. He was disappointed, but he didn’t have time to wallow. That’s when he heard the siren song of the restaurant kitchen calling him.

My boss gave me the opportunity to buy the business. I thought about it and decided to do it. I’ve had it since 2005. - Jai, owner
Galaxie Diner

Learning to Cook, Canadian-Style

Jai hadn’t done that much cooking back in Sri Lanka. But even if he had, he points out, “Sri Lankan food is really different from ‘Canadian’ food.” So he would have still needed to learn the Canadian way.

And he did learn. Jai worked in the kitchens of both Italian and Mexican restaurants, learning their styles. Many of his cooking skills—in particular, how to make an excellent Canadian breakfast—were learned from working at the Golden Griddle.

In 2003, Jai was employed at the Galaxie Diner. Within a couple of years of learning the specifics of the restaurant, Jai was presented with an interesting prospect. “My boss gave me the opportunity to buy the business. I thought about it and decided to do it. I’ve
had it since 2005.”

Within a few years, Jai went from not knowing anything about cooking and kitchen work to owning his own restaurant. A restaurant with an interesting, almost vintage-style diner atmosphere; the kind you don’t encounter as often as you used to but wish you did.

Galaxie Diner

Old-School Diner Food

While he has some help, Jai is at the Galaxie working seven days a week. Ever since he took over the diner, he’s shown incredible skill and dedication. His Google+ page has many great reviews from happy diners, who go crazy for the food and atmosphere, and have since 2005.

Jai makes old-school diner food that is incredibly comforting. One of his specialties is a hearty, Canadian breakfast. Hands down, the most popular item is the Cadillac Combo, with French toast and all your favourite breakfast meats. Jai and the Galaxie Diner have travelled light years beyond where he started back in 2003. And he’s still on the go.

Galaxie Diner
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