Spring China House
By YP Contributor

A Family Restaurant with Heart

Ken Zheng’s restaurant, Spring China House, is like the human body. For the eatery to operate at maximum efficiency – with great food, friendly service, happy staff and satisfied diners – each body part needs to work in tandem with the others. “Everybody has to work hard under the same heart,” Ken comments. “We go to the same destination…one is the hand, one is the leg, one is the foot – everybody has one part.”

The early days of Spring China House were not without their challenges for Ken, but he was determined. He listened carefully to those around him. “From the beginning,” notes Ken, “we worked hard to improve our business … month by month.” And his hard work paid off. Spring China House is one of the premier Chinese restaurants in the city, attracting diners for its ability to send everyone home happy.

Everyday, every morning, I go into the supermarket to buy the fresh ingredients. - Ken Zheng, owner
Colourful photographs of possible meal choices line the walls at Spring China House.

Culinary Travels

Even before Spring China House, Ken had a lot of experience as a restaurateur; starting in China, then in Germany and eventually in Toronto. With food as his passion, he set off on trans-continental and Atlantic journeys in a quest for culinary perfection. Along the way, he studied with the world’s top chefs and mastered all aspects of the kitchen until he knew he’d arrived at the high standard he set for himself.

“My parent’s discovered my passion for cooking when I was a teenager and encouraged me to turn my passion into a career,” Ken recalls, “I went to Europe for its extraordinary reputation in food and beverage and stayed there for a few years and took courses on hospitality. I started at the beginning, as the kitchen help, then a waiter, then a manager. I learned the ins and outs of the business at every level.”

As for settling in Toronto, Ken says because of family ties, it was the only choice he considered. “I have friends and relatives here,” he says. “… Over time, I heard about how good Canada was, so that’s why I decided to move to Canada.” It didn’t take him long to feel at home, with his first restaurant located in Etobicoke before he made the move to Eglinton.

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The clean and comfortable ambience inside Spring China House.

The Importance of Fresh Ingredients

Many restaurant owners will point to a dish or two from their menus when asked about their most popular offerings, but Ken is a little reluctant to do so. For him, what matters most is not any one particular meal, but how all of them are prepared. “Most important is how to raise the food’s quality, I think that’s important. That’s why, everyday, every morning, I go into the supermarket to buy the fresh ingredients. The taste is very important,” he says, reaffirming what it is about his restaurant that has made it so successful over the years.

The exterior of Spring China House, located on Eglinton Avenue West, displays sumptuous daily specials.
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