Allô! Mon Coco
By Julie, Candidly Julie

A Passion for the Business

Early in 2014, an all new restaurant opened on de Maisonneuve Boulevard West, near Concordia University, much to the delight of the students. Chuck, the manager of the restaurant, had long been a loyal customer of the Allô Mon Coco chain before acquiring his own franchise.

Chuck chose the downtown location in the centre of the city because he loved the diversity of the neighbourhood. "It's dynamic, there are lots of young people and there is always something going on," he says.

Understanding the needs of his student customers, Chuck decided to offer a 10 per cent student discount on everything in the restaurant, a move that has paid off; on a daily basis, Allô Mon Coco is filled with students eating a hearty lunch with friends.

I come here with love. I love all of my team and we're like a family. - Chuck, restaurant manager
Allo mon coco brunches lunches omelettes quality cheap hearty servings

Quality and Generous Portions

The quality of the food is without doubt a top priority at Allô Mon Coco. "I'm always at the kitchen counter and I check all the dishes. If I'm not satisfied, I send it back," says Chuck with a big smile. He is proud of the food he offers to his customers and insists on all dishes being prepared with care. More than just quality, he also focuses on quantity. In an effort to attract a clientele who value a hearty meal at a fair price, Chuck makes sure dishes are piled high with food; good value for the money.

Allô Mon Coco serves up breakfast and lunch, with a wide variety of choices to suit many tastes. Chuck recommends trying the meat omelets, which are his personal favourites. After so many years as a loyal customer himself, this is not a recommendation to be taken lightly!

Allo mon coco brunches lunches omelettes quality cheap hearty servings

A Warm and Friendly Place

"As for my team, I'm thrilled," says Chuck. Once inside Allô Mon Coco, customers are met with big smiles meant to put diners at ease and to help them feel at home. The friendly staff, the hip decor and hearty dishes make this a cozy and inviting restaurant. For all of the young adults of the neighbourhood, Allô Mon Coco is the perfect place for a generous, high quality and affordable meal, all in a relaxing environment.

Allo mon coco brunches lunches omelettes quality cheap hearty servings
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