Antiquités Seconde Chance
By YP Contributor

Back to the Future in Centre-Sud

Collectors of furniture and design objects from the 50’s through the 70’s who haven't yet been to the legendary Seconde Chance are in for a pleasant surprise.This veritable Ali Baba's cave of time not-so-immemorial is sure to overwhelm them with its selection of décor accessories, chinaware, small furniture, and, lest we forget, a huge selection of Expo ‘67 memorabilia. Located in Centre-Sud, the spacemay seem small, but one can easily lose track of several hours within its walls.

After Expo ‘67, interest in design grew in Québec, and we started producing some pieces that are like nothing else in the world. Today's collectors are often in awe of what we've been able to pull off. - André Vincent, Owner

The Expo Effect

While Seconde Chance is no newcomer to the neighbourhood; it is owner André Vincent's second boutique. Formerly on Beaubien, the original store was started after André became unemployed. "A buddy of mine was in the same situation, so wedecided to jump right in,” recalls André. “I have always been fascinated by design, and I love the era I chose to represent. After Expo ‘67, interest in design grew in Québec, and we started producing some pieces that are like nothing else in the world. Today's collectors are often in awe of what we've been able to pull off.”

The universal exhibition in 1967 was the catalyst for Quebec's furniture and décor industry boom, according to André. He explains that this interest led international chains like Woolworth to develop cheaper diffusion lines that would appeal to the typical consumer.

These treasures are now found in the various garage sales that André tracks in order to stock Seconde Chance: “One day, I was driving through a small backwoods town, and found a garage that sold a few random objects. Among those were thesepriceless Italian lamps. I spent the drive back wondering about the journey of those objects – how they ended up in such a remote area.”

It's easy to succumb to the same reverie when perusing Seconde Chance's collection. While scouring the shelves one wonders: What is the story behind these objects that are coming back to life after all these years?

Good Finds Make Good Neighbours

“When I struck out on my own, I decided to move the store closer to downtown,"says André. "This is convenient for the set designers who borrow and buy myobjects for their shoots. I'm closer and easier to get to.”

The shop's clientele brings together locals, first-timers and international collectors alike. When asked what he likes most about the Centre-Sud neighbourhood André says, without missing a beat, “There is a great camaraderie between all the merchants on the street. We all have our specialties. We can send our customers next door for something that might suit their needs best.”

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