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Tradition Meets Modernity in Every Bite

No need to travel to Montreal’s Little Italy to find traditionally Italian delights. Located right in the heart of Villeray, family-run business Pâtisserie Tillemont has been providing quality products since 1974. “As the next generation is getting involved in the business, we’re seeing tradition and modernity blend in interesting ways,” explains co-owner George D'Angelo. “We will always carry classics like cannoli for example, but we are adding new products all the time.”

The growing involvement of George and brother Joey has reinvigorated the pastry shop their father founded. All owners of Pâtisserie Tillemont are open to customers’ suggestions for recipes – or even culinary challenges. It is also very active on social networks.

We take the time to explain to our customers how we prepare our products. It allows them to see how much passion we put into what we do. - George D’Angelo, co-owner

Passing Down the D'Angelo Family Craft

George doesn’t hesitate to cite his father as an inspiration. The patriarch, Giuseppe D'Angelo, opened Pâtisserie Tillemont with no experience in the field, but succeeded out of sheer determination and devotion. “He found a way to strike a balance between raising a family and starting a business,” explains George. “He must have worked 100-hour weeks in those days, but always found time to take me to my baseball games – or that of the Expos!”

What’s more, Giuseppe taught himself the recipes and techniques of pastry making. “My father learned by observing his first employees at the bakery, and then through trial and error, perfected his craft,” relates George. “Back in the day, there was no Internet, so no YouTube or Google.”

The two brothers are conscious of how lucky they are to have been handed down this successful family business. The new owners of Pâtisserie Tillemont make it a point to honour family traditions through their work. “We learned a solid work ethic from both our parents,” he says. “They taught us what you need to succeed, and our work is a million times easier than if we were starting fresh back in the 70s.”

Pâtisserie Tillemont

The Bakery’s Extended Family

As a long-standing member of the community, Pâtisserie Tillemont has developed a privileged relationship with its clientele. Sitting across the street from a school and within walking distance of many offices, they have many faithful customers, whom George never fails to welcome individually. “We take the time to explain to our customers how we prepare our products,” he notes. “It allows them to see how much passion we put into what we do.”

Pâtisserie Tillemont
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