Café Réplika
By YP Contributor

Turkish Flavours on the Plateau

Café Replika is part of a large family of Montreal coffee shops offering freshly brewed coffee from the four corners of the world. It’s no secret that coffee shops have proliferated in Montreal and as a result, new entrepreneurs in the already competitive business have needed to create an even more unique and distinguishing place.

For Ozan Ucan and his wife Ceren Tunasat, the creators and owners of Café Replika, they found inspiration in their home country to offer something very few can in Montreal: a delicious Turkish coffee. Ozan and Ceren’s coffee is more than delicious; it represents a trip back in time as Ozan proudly states, “Turkish coffee has a unique touch since Turkish coffee is the original coffee.”

Ozan and Ceren are indeed from Turkey, but their roots are only the beginning of what inspires them. “We wanted to offer the best of Turkish and Western coffee with a Quebec touch,” says Ozan when talking about the culinary inspiration behind Café Replika.

Due to the couple’s talents, you’ll find coffee as it’s served in Istanbul as well as homemade Turkish delicacies you won’t find anywhere else. That’s because Ozan and Ceren create their own recipes inspired by years of experience. So whether you’d like to try a Turkish bagel, a spinach borek or a fresh Mediterranean salad, the savoury menu at Café Replika is a testament to the skills and creativity of the entrepreneurial couple.

We wanted to offer the best of Turkish and Western coffee with a Quebec touch. - Ozan Ucan, co-owner

From Istanbul to Montreal

When Ozan and Ceren settled in Montreal seven years ago, the idea of establishing their own business was already well anchored in their minds. “It was always our dream, our plan,” Ozan says proudly. Faced with fierce competition in Montreal and particularly the Plateau, the couple remained fearless. Their passion for coffee and their will to share their vision of great coffee gave the couple the necessary confidence to launch their own business.

Since Café Replika established itself at 252 Rachel Street East, it has been a success. “We found the ideal place and ran with it,” says Ozan. It is worth remembering that the same space has housed other coffee shops and restaurants in the past, yet Ozan and Ceren have succeeded where others have failed thanks to the large clientele Café Replika has built in a short period of time, as well as an enviable reputation for their retro esthetics and quality food.

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