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Games That are Popular Across the Board

“Montreal’s board- and card-game community has been booming these past few years,” says Luca Caltabiano. “With major events like Comiccon and the Anime festival Otakuthon now regularly held in the city, that’s two annual events for enthusiasts to meet and organize. That has really invigorated the community and revived the popularity of those types of games.” Luca, along with his brother Giancarlo, runs Chez Geeks, a unique and wild universe, bursting with board and card games, and everything else that might make a geek’s heart beat faster.

At Chez Geeks, Luca and Giancarlo stock a large number of board and card games, such as the wildly popular Magic: The Gathering, but also pop culture figurines, comic books, puzzles, T-shirts and even sculptures — replicas of popular Anime, comic book and game characters. “We’ve got something for everyone, whether they are an inveterate geek or a newbie wanting to take part in a specific game with their friends,” Luca says. “Everyone is welcome to Chez Geeks. Our store has a number of tables and seating areas where players can settle in for a game or two.”

Our achievement has been to gather all these different people here to play games we love and are passionate about. - Luca Caltabiano, co-owner
Chez Geeks

A Passion for the Game(s)

“My interest in games started at a very young age. After school, instead of playing video games alone, I would meet with my friends and play board games. It was our ritual,” Luca says.

After graduating from Film Studies at Concordia University, Luca became aware of an underserved niche: the gamers and other board game aficionados. “So I got together with my brother and we set up a store dedicated to those products, but one that would also serve as a space for the community, a hangout for enthusiasts to get together to play.”

Chez Geeks also plays host to a weekly tournament of a specific game. “Eventually, I would love it if our business expanded, so that the community space becomes ever more spacious, accommodating larger tables and bigger tournaments.”

Chez Geeks

Conviviality and the Gaming Community

There are no sore losers at Chez Geeks, only great players. “The atmosphere is always very festive, pleasant and convivial,” says Luca, who derives great pride from what he has brought to the Montreal gamer community.

“Our achievement has been to gather all these different people here, to play games we love and are passionate about. That’s really important to me — not just having a good time with existing friends, but also meeting new ones and introducing people to each other.”

Chez Geeks
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