Dawn Mauricio
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Yoga to Benefit Every Aspect of One’s Life

“What I really try to do is bring my students tools and techniques that apply to the yoga mat, but can easily be taken off it and applied to everyday life. Yoga teaches things that can make us better people. I try to make it sound not so grandiose, but really accessible,” says Dawn Mauricio of what she wants to deliver to her students when teaching yoga and meditation.

An experienced teacher, Dawn focuses on spreading yoga and meditation’s message and benefits without the constraints that come with operating one’s own studio. She teaches at Naada Yoga, a Mile End studio, and leads many retreats and hosts workshops in various settings. “I wanted a lot of freedom in choosing what I want to do and how I want to do it, and also be free to travel,” she explains.

Dawn is specialized in alignment-based Hatha yoga, which is a great way, according to her, for people to get out of their own minds and into their bodies. She also leads two yoga retreats a year, taking her groups to destinations like India, Italy and Thailand for one-week trips. “We do four to five hours of yoga and meditation a day on a retreat. It’s all about creating a place where people can look inwards, transform and change, and hopefully apply what they get out of it to their everyday lives.”

What I really try to do is bring my students tools and techniques that apply to the yoga mat, but can easily be taken off it and applied to everyday life. - Dawn Mauricio, yoga teacher
Dawn Mauricio

Finding (And Being Found by) Yoga

A Montrealer born and raised, Dawn feels that yoga chose her, instead of the opposite. “I used to work in marketing, which made me unhappy. I quit and went back to where I worked as a student, and some colleagues of mine were studying yoga teaching. I tagged along and eventually met a yoga teacher who needed help, so I joined in, started to take on more classes and it sort of fired from there.”

The fact that yoga applies not only to the yoga mat attracted Dawn to the practice; she sees it more as a tool that influences how we speak, walk, treat others and respond to life.

Since her beginnings she has built a great following amongst yoga adepts, leading her to teach the Lolë White Yoga Tour’s sessions in Montreal in the summer of 2014. “What was so special is that there were so many people! That creates a big ripple effect; it’s really wonderful to see. It’s crazy what Lolë does with the tour, and for a yoga teacher to be able to reach out to as many people, it’s really great.”

Dawn Mauricio

Slowing Down in a Fast-Paced World

“I think that everything moving so fast, people being so connected all the time, makes yoga and meditation a great way to relax, to be in the moment and in the body.”

As far as Dawn Mauricio is concerned yoga and meditation’s popularity will keep growing, given we live in such a fast-paced world.

“I really like seeing how what I practice and teach inspires others, makes them want to be better people. It’s a ripple effect, and I hope it only keeps going,” Dawn Mauricio concludes Dawn.

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