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The Portuguese Experience in Montreal

On May 30, 2007, at the age of 20, Jonathan Barroso became co-owner of the restaurant Le Grill Barroso located on Sherbrooke Street East in Montreal. After seeing the success of the first restaurant that opened in 2013 on Ontario Street, Jonathan and his father decided to open an outlet in the east end of the city.

After working in his father's various restaurants throughout his teenage years, it seemed natural for Jonathan to work in industry, even at a young age.

It is a pleasure for me to share my passion for Portuguese wine and grills. - Jonathan Barroso, owner
Portuguese Restaurant Grill Chicken Grill

Portugal Just Around the Corner

The Sherbrooke Street location was an immediate success. The day after the official opening, customers started flocking to taste the restaurant's delicious grills. The madness lasted for six months. People came in large numbers to visit the new kid on the block who had moved into the former premises of a National Bank.

Major renovations were needed to transform the interior into a restaurant and people wanted to see the results. A quick interesting fact; on visiting the restaurant, you will notice that the bank's vault is still in the restaurant. It now serves as a bathroom for customers.

Portuguese Restaurant Grill Chicken Grill

A Journey for the Taste Buds

Specializing in charcoal grilling, Le Grill Barroso is known for its delicious braised chicken and some of the best octopus in town. The restaurant serves authentic Portuguese fries, potatoes cut into thin slices and seasoned with sea salt and lemon juice. In addition to typical Portuguese dishes, Le Grill Barroso also offers a great variety of privately imported Portuguese wine and several Portuguese drinks and cocktails.

There is Super Bock beer or, as Jonathan loves to recommend, a glass of Sumol with rum. "It is a pleasure for me to share my passion for Portuguese wine and grills," he says. The dishes on the menu are all available in the dining room or for take-out. Call ahead so that orders can be prepared and ready within 20 minutes.

Portuguese Restaurant Grill Chicken Grill

A Dream Location

Jonathan and his team greet you in French, English, Portuguese, Spanish or Italian amidst warm decor, which is reminiscent of Lisbon blended with the modernity of Montreal. In summer, you can also enjoy the beautiful terrace. For those using public transportation, the restaurant is located a few steps from the Honoré-Beaugrand metro station.

For those who come by car, there is parking nearby. With the freshness and authenticity of the food, and hospitality toward patrons, it is no surprise that the business has been a success. Visit them and you will agree.

Le Grill Barroso specializes in Portuguese cuisine and offers a wide variety of dishes grilled over charcoal.
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