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Realizing a Dream

Alexandre Tomaras always knew he was destined to work in the restaurant business. He began his career in bars, but his real dream was to open his own establishment. Along with his business acumen and the help of his partner, Angelo Rindone, he finally realized his dream in 2006 by opening the Daylight Factory.

Daylight Factory is housed in a century-old building and Alexandre decided to keep the restaurant's name chosen by the original owner, a tribute to the building's architecture, with its large windows that make full use of natural daylight.

From the beginning, Alexandre has put his heart and soul into the Daylight Factory to ensure it becomes a flagship restaurant in the neighbourhood. Business began to take off after he restructured the menu to reach a broader clientele, including those in the business sector. He also changed up the staff, recruiting an efficient, experienced crew with a sunny disposition, non-negotiable qualities he feels are crucial to offering up quality service. "In my team, I look for efficiency, experience and a smile. The ability to do several things at once is fundamental," he says.

In my team, I look for efficiency, experience and a smile! The ability to do several things at once is fundamental. - Alexandre Tomaras, co-owner
Daylight Factory restaurant dinner lunch Greek

Successful Menu

The Daylight Factory offers a regular menu with a selection of paninis, salads and set dishes according to the season. Its menu of the day is a must, as it allows the chef to get creative with fresh and varied products. "The soups and stews warm the hearts of the people in the winter and the tartares and salads take over in the summer," says Alexandre. Throughout the year, the grilled fish regularly takes centre stage, not to mention the famous blackened chicken salad, which satisfies fans of healthy, low-calorie food.

"For my enjoyment, from time to time, the head chef prepares moussaka as the dish of the day. This is a dish from my home country (Greece) made with eggplant, onions and minced meat ... a pure delight," says Alexandre. The chef tries to add small Greek and Italian touches to honour the cultural heritages of Alexandre and Angelo.

The food at Daylight Factory has attracted many famous guests, including graphic designer Frédéric Metz, TV producer Anne-Marie Losique, provincial Minister of Health and Social Services Gaétan Barrette and many other characters in Quebec's political landscape.

A Bright Future

Although Alexandre has fulfilled his dream, it doesn't mean he's sitting on his laurels. He would love to develop a catering service while continuing his traditional 5 à 7 on Thursdays, office parties and wedding receptions. He says one day he would like to open a second Daylight Factory. "Why not in New York or London?" he says.

A place with a rich history, great energy, an extraordinary team, owners who are passionate about their craft and thoughtful dishes made with love: this is the winning recipe of the Daylight Factory.

Daylight Factory restaurant dinner lunch Greek
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