Le Boucan
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A Smokehouse with the Flavours of America

Le Boucan is a charming little neighborhood restaurant located in Little Burgundy offering a Southern US-inspired menu. As the name suggests, the restaurant is first and foremost a smokehouse. Meat, poultry and fish are prepared using a wood chip smoking method that gives the food its unique flavour.

Open since 2010, Le Boucan owes its brilliant concept to its owners, Jonathan Nguyen, Patrick Beaudet and Dérick Francis, all fans of BBQ. After taking part in numerous smoke-cooking competitions, the young entrepreneurs decided it was time for them to put their passion and expertise to good use under one roof and Le Boucan was born!

Today, things are going well for the trio, who have thrown themselves body and soul into this project that is so dear to them. And with such a winning formula, business can only boom.

I work seven days a week, but it's the passion that drives me. - Jonathan Nguyen, co-owner
The Boucan Southern US cuisine, smoked meat, smoked fish, smokehouse, 

Comfort Food, Whiskey and Happiness

Known for its happy hour, comfort food and sports evenings, Le Boucan remains popular for its ribs, burgers,  lobster roll,  pulled pork and chicken sandwich. With nine different main meals, and different sides and snacks, Le Boucan also has a wide variety of whiskies à la carte. Indeed, the impressive range of alcohol behind the bar will leave no bourbon lover out in the cold!

Inspired by the concept of the American diner and always aiming to foster a personalized and friendly atmosphere, this small restaurant aims to serve its diverse clientele fresh, high quality food every day.

The Boucan Southern US cuisine, smoked meat, smoked fish, smokehouse,

Le Boucan Also Means Passion

Ask Jonathan Nguyen what it takes to ensure the success of his restaurant and without a doubt he says, "passion". And that is what he has, boundless love for the restaurant business, good grub and people. Although a typical day in the life of a restaurant owner needs more hours than there are in the day, Jonathan says he is completely happy and satisfied with the restaurant, which is a perfect fit for him.

The next time you're feeling a little peckish, drop by 1886 Notre-Dame Street West; there's a great restaurant that serves the most delicious smoked BBQ food in town, with a side dish of welcoming warmth.

The Boucan Southern US cuisine, smoked meat, smoked fish, smokehouse,
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