Les Cavistes Bistro Bar A Vin
By Nora Merola

A Great Neighbourhood

Maude Théroux-Séguin and Robert Herrera are a couple both in life and in business. In December 2012, they opened their second restaurant, Les Cavistes, on Fleury Street West.

"At the time, the owner of the building came to see us to propose that we open a restaurant on the premises," recalls Maude. "We were not at all familiar with the Ahuntsic neighbourhood. We came out of curiousity, but without expectations."

She continues: "We parked the car at the door of the building and we were really excited, because there were no parking meters! By visiting the site, we immediately saw its potential: it was very large, it was sunny and it had a terrace. In addition, we could put our [wine] cellar in the basement."

During their visit, Maude and Robert took a walk and went to eat in one of the only restaurants open at the time, located two blocks away. "The place was full and there was wine on every table," says Maude. "We wandered around the neighbourhood and we found it to be beautiful and dynamic. Finally, we opened Les Cavistes here on Fleury Street." Six months later, they closed their Saint Denis Street location and focused on the Ahuntsic restaurant. "Here, the clientele is really great and the people are happy that we're here."

Here, the star is not the chef or the sommelier, but rather, the experience. - Maude Théroux-Séguin, co-owner

The Wine Experience

The owners complement each other perfectly. Robert is the sommelier and Maude takes care of everything that does not involve wine and food pairing. She tastes all of the food cooked by the chef and is responsible for the restaurant's administration.

Les Cavistes' bistro-style menu is rather classic. The difference here is the customer experience, the privately imported wine and that the wine list is recognized by the Wine Spectator. "Here, the star is not the chef or the sommelier, but rather, the experience. For example, the workshops that we offer on weekends allow customers to become familiar with the local area, a theme or a particular region, and discover the grape varieties they do not know. Afterwards, we taste six different wines accompanied by small snacks."

People come from all over the city to attend the workshops offered by Les Cavistes, open to all wine enthusiasts, beginners and true connoisseurs. The workshops are both a tasting experience and a friendly encounter.

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An Up and Coming Street

Les Cavistes arrived on Fleury Street West during the great wave of revitalization: several shops opened and contributed to its rebirth. "We were already known through our restaurant on Saint Denis Street and we had a lot of our customers who came from outside the city," recounts Maude. "Neighbourhood life is important and we see our regular customers twice, and sometimes even three times, per week. It's nice, because they know the servers."

Les Cavistes possesses the two qualities essential to a good neighbourhood bistro: it's chic and friendly!

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