Les Fermes Lufa Inc
By Dorothy Skutezky

A Lush and Edible Skyline

Lufa Farms founder/CEO Mohamed Hage envisions that, in five to 10 years, Montreal’s desolate rooftop landscape of asphalt will dazzle and revitalize us with leafy canopies of green-speckled sunlight, and succulent crops of homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers and arugula.

Lufa Farms, founded in 2011 in Montreal, is North America’s first commercial, economically and ecologically sustainable, four-season, pesticide-free, rooftop greenhouse. Lufa Farms has developed a model for urban farming and distribution of personalized baskets of vegetables from their greenhouses through their online ordering service. Customers can order an array of fresh veggies along with other products such as honey, dairy products, wild mushrooms, specialty flours, fleur de sel, olive oil and much more from their visually indexed Online Marketplace. Features are updated weekly as Lufa continues to forge partnerships with other complimentary local farmers and a variety of food artisans.

Our vision is a city of rooftop farms. - Mohamed Hage, Founder/CEO

Building Delicious Baskets with Bug Warfare

Customized technology includes the greenhouse infrastructure and the specialized company software, which helps Lufa’s team manage everything from the nutrient level in the recycled rainwater, to the healthy dynamic of the insect population. Lufa Farms does not use any synthetic pesticides, or fungicides—there is always a sustainable solution. For example, an invasive species of bug is fought with other predator bugs, rather than using chemicals.

Order with Ease

Fresh produce is available at the click of a button. Any order can be personalized until it’s just right. “At 11:55 p.m., if you’re craving a loaf of bread, you can add it to your weekly basket,” says Mohamed. Produce is handpicked at night and expedited the very next morning to various pick-up points around the city.

“At 2 a.m., our packing room is lively and crazy and there’s music playing,” says Mohamed.

One of the keys to Lufa’s rapid success is how they build their network of collaborators, which includes other local organic farmers, and artisanal food creators who compliment Lufa Farm’s own offerings. Lufa Farms also hosts themed open houses for people who would like to learn more about the origins of the treasures in their baskets and on building your own greenhouses. The Honeyfest, for example, was very popular. This concept is far more accessible, and exciting than people realize. “Plus it’s sexier up here”, adds Mohamed, grinning.

Lufa Farms strives to respond to subscriber’s demands. As Mohamed explains, “In the beginning we grew a lot of eggplants, because I love them and I’m Lebanese, but we quickly realized that we needed to prioritize tomatoes instead, because that’s what people want.”

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